Root Canal Treatment cost in Hyderabad, India, is a frequently asked question by many patients. It is difficult to say the exact cost of RCT of teeth because multiple factors influence the price of Root Canal Treatment which we are going to discuss here.


Tooth Decay Progress & Treatment

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria and the acids produced by these bacteria erode tooth enamel. This decay can progress deep in to the vascular and nerve supply of the tooth if left untreated quickly. Various stages of tooth decay includes initial demineralization of the enamel, enamel decay, dentin involvement and pulp infection. Early stages of tooth decay are often asymptomatic and the treatment varies based on severity. For early decay, improving oral hygiene and fluoride use can help remineralize teeth. Teeth cavities may require fillings and advanced cases might need root canals to treat infected pulp, followed by crowns for protection. So, when tooth decay has reached the pulp, severe tooth pain is the most common symptom and the tooth needs ROOT CANAL TREATMENT to save it. Regular dental check-ups aid in early detection and less invasive treatments. Preventive measures and prompt intervention are vital to halt tooth decay’s advancement.

Tooth Decay Progress & Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

RCT or Root Canal Treatment is a dental procedure used to treat a tooth with infected or damaged pulp and eliminate the bacteria. During RCT, the infected pulp is removed, and the interior of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and sealed with gutta-percha, a rubber like material, to prevent further infection. This procedure saves the infected natural tooth and a crown is usually placed on the RCT treated tooth to strengthen it. Root Canal Treatment when performed by an experienced endodontist (Root Canal Specialist), has a high success rate and restores the appearance and function of the tooth, preventing the need for extraction. RCT is a painless procedure and is performed by senior endodontists at FMS Dental.

RCT at FMS Dental

RCT is done by Endodontists (Root Canal Treatment Specialists), who are specialized with post-graduation in the field of Endodontics.

Our team comprising of Endodontists with more than 15 years of experience will take up any challenge to provide successful Root Canal Treatment.

Our endodontists use CBCT to locate & follow the shape, length and number of root canals.

Usage of LASERs to achieve sterile atmosphere in the root canals is our forte. 

Enabling magnification of the root canals with the loops and microscopes for better success rate is also followed in most situations.

Can Root Canal Treatment Be Done in Single Sitting?

Yes, single visit RCT can be performed if the infection is not too high. If the tooth infection is more, then 2-3 visits are required to ensure complete removal of the infected tissues, where the RCT specialist (Endodontist) will perform painless RCT treatment and place medications in the root canal spaces which helps for better healing of the tooth.


Laser RCT

Laser Root Canal Treatment is more efficient, effective and comfortable compared to the traditional RCT. Laser RCT is used to remove the inflamed or infected pulp and to even clean and shape the dentinal walls of the root canals. The success rate of root canal therapy is increased by Lasers.

Some of the Advantages of Laser assisted root canal treatment are:

Great accuracy is achieved by complete eradication of infected bacteria with Lasers.
Most portion of the healthy tooth structure is preserved.

It actually limits the need for local anesthesia.

It reduces the risk of re-root canal treatment.

Less bleeding and swelling.

LASER Treatment
Microscopic RCT

Microscopic RCT

Multiple root canals or curved root canals are difficult to navigate and to overcome the lack of visibility into your tooth, magnification of your tooth root will help the endodontist perform the root canal procedure more accurately.

Advantages of microscopic Root Canal Treatment are:

Increased visualization.

Ease of proper digital documentation capabilities.

Increased ability to communicate through integrated video.

Precision and pace of endodontic procedures is increased manifold with the magnification. The root canal treatments are can be done in much faster way, because of the greater visibility of the root canal anatomy with reduced procedural errors.


3D sectional views of the tooth can give the exact shape, and number of root canals to follow and complete the treatment.

CBCT Guided Endondontics

What is The Cost of Root Canal Treatment?

The cost of Root Canal Treatment depends on the condition of tooth and the severity of infection involved. Root canal treatment cost can be decided by some of the factors as mentioned below:

The cost is higher for back teeth compared to front teeth as the posterior teeth have more number of roots and root canals.

If the Root Canal Treatment is performed by an endodontist who is a root canal specialist, the cost can increase compared to treatment done by a general dentist.

Root Canal Treatment cost is also a decided by factors like technology and materials used in treating the infected tooth for rotary endodontic systems, Protaper Files / Guttapercha etc.

Laser assisted Root Canal Treatment ensures better disinfection and microbe free environment. CT guided Root Canal Treatment gives 3D view of the tooth, along with any accessory root canals and the extent of infection in the bone as well. The outcome and effectiveness of root canal procedure increases by as precision magnification of the tooth up to 3x to 15x is enabled by microscopic endodontics. Such techniques when involved in Root Canal Treatment, the cost of RCT may increase.

Post and core build-up of the root canal treated tooth might be necessary if there is an inadequate amount of sound tooth remaining for a crown to be placed. Additional costs can be incurred for this procedure and this helps to achieve better retention of crown, furthermore to redistribute stresses down onto the root. This reduces the risk of fracture of the root canal treated tooth.

Generally, the Root Canal Treatment cost price depends on the clinical condition of tooth and add-on procedures involved. Root Canal Treatment cost could start at Rs. 5500/- and the exact cost incurred will be estimated by an endodontist (root canal specialist) after consultation. Book an appointment today!.

How successful is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment usually has a high success rate of saving the tooth and eliminating the infection when done by an endodontist. At FMS Dental, a combination of experience of our senior endodontists / root canal specialists and technology available makes sure that the risk of failure is minimized.


Modern root canal therapy should be no different than a routine filling. The RCT treatment is performed under local anesthesia which subsides the pain during and for a few hours after the procedure as well. Usage of medication for 3 to 5 days prescribed by an experienced root canal specialist makes sure that you do not have further pain. Occasional tenderness in the gums of teeth if exists would subside in a few days.

There are of course no guarantees for any treatment owing to dynamic nature of human body and disease processes. However, with the use of latest equipment and LASER s at our clinics we can ensure a high degree of success rate. Further, follow up appointments should not be missed to evaluate your root canal treated teeth periodically once in 6 months – a year.

In cases of compromised tooth structure or extensive damage to supporting tissues like gums or bone we may recommend surgical procedures like Apicoectomy and would also apprise you of the clinical success rate.

Root Canal Treatment is performed to relieve tooth pain caused by pulp inflammation or infection. With modern techniques and anaesthetics in usage, root canal treatment is painless when performed by an experienced Endodontist otherwise root canal specialist.

Root canal treatment is a highly successful procedure when performed by a senior root canal specialist. At FMS Dental, root canal treatment is a safe procedure and carries a high success rate.

Additionally, what might be the “best” clinic for root canal treatment can be subjective and may depend on individual experiences with the root canal specialist in the past, specific dental needs etc.

To find the best dental clinic for root canal treatment in Hyderabad, consider the following steps:

Ask for Recommendations: Seek recommendations from your family, friends, or colleagues who have had positive experiences with root canal treatments in FMS Dental Hospital, Hyderabad. Personal referrals can be a valuable starting point.

Online Research: Use online resources such as Google, social media platforms etc. to look for clinics with good patient feedback in the form of reviews and high ratings. Reading patient reviews can provide insights into the quality of care that is being provided to patients at FMS Dental.

Check Qualifications: Ensure that the dental professionals at the clinic you are going to visit for RCT are qualified endodontists and experienced in performing root canal treatments. Look for information about our endodontists’ credentials and experience on our clinic’s website, or by contacting us directly on 040 2222 1111 / 8885060770.

Consultations: Schedule consultation with senior endodontist in Hyderabad today @ today. During the consultation, discuss your specific case with our root canal specialist, ask questions about the procedure, thus you can assess the doctor’s knowledge in handling RCT, clinic’s cleanliness and staff’s professionalism.

Cost: Feel free to Inquire about the cost of the root canal treatment during your consultation with our endodontist.

Location and Convenience: Consider the nearest location of our clinic for you, as it should be accessible and convenient for you, especially if you require multiple visits for your treatment.

Second Opinions: If you have doubts about a recommended treatment plan or any of our clinic’s approach, you can always feel free to seek a second opinion from another qualified endodontist in any other location of FMS Dental.

Ultimately, the “best” clinic for root canal treatment in Hyderabad will depend on your unique needs and preferences. Trust your instincts and choose an FMS Dental clinic near you where you feel comfortable and confident in the expertise of our dental team.

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