Root Canal Treatment cost price or charges in Hyderabad and India, is a frequently asked question by many patients. It is difficult to say the exact cost of RCT of teeth because multiple factors influence the charges of root canal treatment which we are going to discuss here.


Tooth Decay Progress & Treatment

Tooth decay is the damage caused to the tooth structure which results in tooth cavities and eventually loss of the tooth if left untreated. When the outer layers of tooth called enamel and dentin demineralise, it leads to tooth cavity formation. At this stage, tooth decay can be treated by filling (Tooth Restoration) the cavity with restorative material. When tooth decay penetrates the inner most layer of the tooth called pulp (that contains nerves and blood vessels), the tooth damage is irreversible and may eventually lead to abscess formation and tooth loss. So, when tooth decay has reached the pulp, severe tooth pain is the most common symptom and the tooth needs ROOT CANAL TREATMENT to save it.

Tooth Decay Progress & Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure intended to eliminate bacteria and infected pulp from the root canals. The infected pulp is removed and also the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected to prevent further damage, then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha.

Root canal treatment is painless and can save your tooth from having to be removed or extracted. Further, the tooth is restored with a crown or filling for protection and will continue to function like any other tooth.

Why RCT at FMS Dental?

  • RCT is done by Endodontists (root canal treatment specialists), who are specialized with post-graduation in the field of Endodontics.
  • Our team comprising of Endodontists with more than 15 years of experience will take up any challenge to provide successful root canal treatment.
  • Our endodontists use CBCT to locate & follow the shape, length and number of root canals.
  • Usage of LASERs to achieve sterile atmosphere in the root canals is our forte. 
  • Enabling magnification of the root canals with the loops and microscopes for better success rate is also followed in most situations.

Can Root Canal Treatment Be Done in Single Sitting?

Yes, if there is not much of infection, single visit RCT can be performed. If the tooth infection is more, then 2-3 visits are required to ensure complete removal of the infected tissues, where the RCT specialist (Endodontist) will perform painless RCT treatment and place medications in the root canal spaces which helps for better healing of the tooth.


Laser RCT

Laser root canal treatment is more efficient, effective and comfortable compared to the traditional RCT. Laser RCT is used to remove the inflamed or infected pulp and to even clean and shape the dentinal walls of the root canals. Laser helps in increasing the success rate of root canal therapy.

Some of the Advantages of Laser assisted root canal treatment are:

  • It helps in complete eradication of infected bacteria with great accuracy.
    It also helps in preserving more of the healthy tooth structure.
  • It actually limits the need for local anesthesia.
  • It reduces the risk of re-root canal treatment.
  • Less bleeding and swelling.
LASER Treatment
Microscopic RCT

Microscopic RCT

Multiple root canals or curved root canals are difficult to navigate and to overcome the lack of visibility into your tooth, magnification of your tooth root will help the endodontist perform the root canal procedure more accurately.

Advantages of microscopic root canal treatment are:

  • Increased visualization.
  • Ease of proper digital documentation capabilities.
  • Increased ability to communicate through integrated video.
  • With magnification, endodontic procedures can be done in much precise and faster way, because of the greater visibility of the root canal anatomy with reduced procedural errors.


3D sectional views of the tooth can give the exact shape, and number of root canals to follow and complete the treatment.

CBCT Guided Endondontics

What is The Cost of Root Canal Treatment?

The cost of root canal treatment depends on the condition of tooth and the severity of infection involved. Some of the factors that decide the root canal treatment cost price are:

  • The cost is higher for back teeth compared to front teeth as the posterior teeth have more number of roots and root canals.
  • If the root canal treatment is performed by an endodontist who is a root canal specialist, the cost can increase compared to treatment done by a general dentist.
  • Technology and materials used in treating the infected tooth for root canal treatment is also a deciding factor like rotary endodontic systems, Protaper Files / Guttapercha etc..
  • Laser assisted Root Canal Treatment ensures better disinfection and microbe free environment. CT guided Root Canal Treatment gives 3D view of the tooth, along with any accessory root canals and the extent of infection in the bone as well. Microscopic endodontics increases the effectiveness and outcome of the root canal procedure as precision magnification of the tooth up to 3x to 15x is enabled. Such techniques when involved in root canal treatment, the charge of RCT may increase.
  • After root canal treatment, if there is an inadequate amount of sound tooth remaining, a post and core build up might be necessary. It helps to achieve better retention of crown, and furthermore to redistribute stresses down onto the root, thereby reducing the risk of fracture. In such cases additional costs can incur.

Generally, the root canal treatment cost price depends on the clinical condition of tooth and add-on procedures involved, so book your appointment today to know the exact costs incurred.

How successful is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment usually has a high success rate of saving the tooth and eliminating the infection when done by an endodontist. At FMS Dental, our senior root canal specialists / endodontists make sure that the risk of failure is minimized by combining technology with experience.

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