It is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosis of dental and oro-facial diseases through a clinical and radiological (x – ray) examination.

All the patients coming to our hospital are first directed by the front office staff to this department as it forms the most important branch where the patient’s complaint is first recorded. This is followed by thorough examination.

A questionaire regarding history of:

  • Previous visits to dental clinics.
  • The various dental treatments for which a patient is already subjected / exposed / experienced.
  • Any systemic diseases / infections.
  • Drug allergies, if any are noted.
  • Previous visits to dental clinics.

A note is also made regarding the occupation, certain habits like smoking, tobacco – pan – gutkha chewing etc

The advice from Doctor

  • Few X-rays of the area in question
  • A biopsy may have to be taken for microscopic examination of the lesion (Eg: Oral Cancer etc.,)

Placing the dental implant

At FMS Dental Hospital, the department of Oral medicine, Diagnosis and Radiology is well equipped with Intra Oral Cameras, Dental Software for patient awarness, the routine dental X-ray machine, Orthopantomograph with Cephalogram, Radio-visiography apparatus, Pulp tester etc., to help a clinician for proper identification of the condition.


Apart from diagnosis of the dental problem, the patient is thoroughly educated regarding the:

  • Dental Problem with which he / she has come
  • Dental Procedures that would be carried on him to rectify his problem
  • Possible complications of the treatment, if present

All the above details followed by a thorough clinical examination of the patient may (help a dentist) give a clue regarding the problem with which the patient has come.Diagnosis becomes one of the important aspects of health care as proper diagnosis of the condition helps the dentist to plan his line of treatment. Though generally, the clinician does identify the cause and problem of the patient, sometimes may not be sure of the diagnosis. In such instances, certain investigatory procedures could help a clinician to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis.

To educate the patient, the department has an attached Oral health education room which is well-equipped with various dental softwares, videotapes, charts, projection slides etc.,

Health education is done so that the patient is more at comfort while the treatment is in progress as the patient is well aware of the various facts with respect to the treatment procedures and possible complications, if any for a particular treatment procedure.

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