Basal Implants Treatment Cost in Hyderabad India

BASAL IMPLANTS – Immediate loading Dental Implant Treatment in Hyderabad & Kochi, India

What are basal implants & when did single piece implant treatments started?

The first single-piece implant or basal implant was developed in 1972 by Dr. Jean-Marc Julliet. They are advanced single piece immediate loadable cortical dental implants with a high success rate in any jaw bone condition. Basal implants if placed well, provide immediate stability in atrophic / thin jaw bones and help in immediate loading of the fixed prosthesis. The whole procedure requires only 3-5 days to complete.

Basal implants are uniquely designed to get accommodated in the basal cortical portion of the jaw bones and the technique employed is usually a graft-less / flapless surgical procedure. This technique can replace single tooth, several teeth or a full jaw, even in immediate extraction cases with remarkable comfort, predictability and aesthetics.


Basal implants before


Basal implants after

Immediate loading basal implants procedure & how is it done?

The basal implant surgery and teeth placement process is completed in a single phase.

Day 1: On the first visit, necessary X-rays and 3D CBCT scan are done for preliminary assessment and precision planning.

Day 2-3: Implants placement surgery is performed. Firstly, any teeth left in the jaws are removed and these single piece implants are also inserted immediately. A fixed acrylic CAD-CAM milled provisional bridge is fabricated on the same day, over the implants. Impressions are taken for permanent Zirconium Ceramic teeth.

Day 4-5: The permanent ceramic teeth which are custom made is fixed. Thus, the timeline for the FMS Permanent-fixed teeth-in-5 days protocol with basal implants is completed in one trip. With this procedure, you can expect to receive a full set of fixed teeth without any bone graft, sinus lift or nerve repositioning, with warranty.

These permanent solutions are exclusively customized for you using CAD-CAM precision at in-house FMS Dental Lab, along with the manual artistry and dexterity of skilled technicians. You have varied options of crowns to choose from such as metal ceramics or metal free Zirconium based crown and bridges.

fixed teeth basal implants


What are the advantages of Single Piece Implants?

  • The basal implants can be placed alongside extraction of teeth and still delivers good stability.
  • Because of this excellent primary stability with basal implants, immediate loading of the teeth is always possible.
  • These Single piece implants, used as basal implants can be placed in less / thin bone cases and in some cases nerve bypassing on the lower jaw is also possible.
  • Basal implants have smooth surface collars and so are more resistant to infections like periimplantitis.

What are the disadvantages of Single Piece Implants?

  • Basal implants are dependent on bi-cortical engagement for initial stability, unlike 2 piece implants.
  • Basal implants are usually thinner in size, so more number of implants need to be placed for adequate support.
  • In cases where angulated abutments are required, Single piece implants may not be accurate, as custom designing the abutment is not possible.

What are the Basal Implants companies available today?

BOI, BCS and KOS Implants from Dr IHDE (Switzerland) and Bioline Implants (Italy) and Gen-XT are various basal implants practiced at FMS DENTAL for immediate loading.

Is every case indicated for Basal Implants protocol?

No implant protocol is superior to any other. The fact is that, different techniques and approaches are required for different clinical situations, for the ultimate success of implant.

Versatility of the implant team is very crucial in implant treatment planning and execution. No implant procedure is ideal for every clinical situation. Many of the known implant practitioners perform only a single technique for every situation, because of their familiarity with that technique. This is lack of expertise and knowledge.

At FMS DENTAL, our senior team of implantologists use basal implants only wherever there is adequate height of bone but width is minimal. Basal implants are indicated only when implants have to be engaged in thin tall bone or when the bone is not sufficient for regular implants which require more width. As Single piece implants are thinner, FMS Implant Team proposes endosseous (2 piece) implants in areas where the bone width is good and bigger implants can be placed.

What is cost of Basal Implants treatment in Hyderabad & Kochi, India?

Single piece implants are cheaper compared to other implant systems. Basal implant cost starts from INR 25,000 at FMS Dental Hospital. For more details on Basal Implants Treatment Cost in Hyderabad India, please click here. FMS Dental has some of the best dental implantologist who masters in teeth replacement with basal implants for permanent fixed teeth in 5 days.


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