Yes, to know whether you are a candidate for same-day dental implants, a consultation with our dental implant specialist / implantologist is a must. Availability of good jaw bone is the key for same-day dental implants.

Duration of dental implant treatment can take at least an hour to 3 hours, depending on the number of teeth to be implanted. Full mouth teeth replacement may require 4-6 hours.

At FMS Dental, high quality dental implants from all over the world like Nobel Biocare (Sweden), Alpha Bio (England), AlphaDent (Germany), Straumann (Switzerland) are used which comes with life time warranty. Both titanium and zirconium implants are available today.

Advantages of tooth implant

  • Dental implants look, feel and function like your natural teeth.

  • Teeth implants last for a lifetime, if maintained well.

  • Dental implants do not take support of adjacent teeth and are only placed in the missing teeth region to replace the natural teeth. This helps in saving the adjacent teeth from being ground down for accommodating the bridge

Disadvantages of tooth implant

Dental implants do not have any disadvantage as such, but implants require more appointments and the hence the time required to complete the treatment is more. It’s also slightly more expensive than bridges

There are different scenarios for which dental implants are placed in our practice.

Single tooth implant: it is performed to replace a missing or damaged tooth. Single tooth implant replaces the entire missing tooth from root to crown.

Multiple teeth implant: it is performed to replace multiple missing teeth. Replacement of multiple missing teeth in a row can be done by dental teeth implants and the bridge.

Complete teeth replacement with dental implants: this procedure is performed when all the teeth in the jaw are missing or damaged or become very loose and have to be removed. Depending on the quality and volume of the available bone, four to eight dental implants are placed to replace the missing teeth and twelve to fourteen teeth are placed on the implants.

Dental implants are made of bio-compatible materials like titanium and zirconium and are used to replace the missing or damaged tooth. Dental implants do not have any side effects as such.

Dental implant treatment is safe in the hands of experienced dental implant surgeons. Once placed in the jaw bone, teeth implants become integral part of a patient.

Usually dental implant surgeries are not covered under insurance in India, but some insurance plans of individuals cover for dental implants. FMS Dental suggests its patients to check with their respective insurance companies whether or not their insurance company covers for dental implants.


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