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Single visit RCT
Root Canal treatment
Root Canal Treatment

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

  • At FMS our well trained team is specialized to perform single visit  root canal treatment in less than an hour using advanced endodontic technology incorporating latest rotary equipment, apex locators, surgical operating microscope , digital radiography and lasers.
  • To ensure high degree of clinical success, patients are thoroughly examined and appraised of clinical situation by our team and accordingly would advise you for a single visit root canal treatment.

Is Single Visit Root Canal Treatment Possible In All Patients?

  • In clinical conditions with extensive infections single visit Root Canal Treatment is not advised.
  • It is possible in fractured teeth with close pulp (nerve) involvement, for strategically significant teeth while planning an extensive prosthesis/ rehabilitation and teeth with minimal infection.

Briefly, in cases of vital pulp, a single-visit treatment can be done whenever possible. This is based on the fact that the pulp is only superficially infected and the root canal is free of bacteria, provided the aseptic chain is maintained during the intra canal procedures.

One visit endodontic should be viewed as a procedure that supplements and complements total patient care as it relates to endodontics and not as a technique that is going to totally replace multivisit procedures.

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