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Can we change the colour of our teeth?

Yes, we can change the colour of teeth using cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening (temporary reversible treatment) or veneers (permanent irreversible treatment)

How does teeth bleaching work?

Bleaching agents are chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which when applied on teeth will dissolve the pellicle {enamel protective layer} to penetrate the enamel surface and break down the complex stain compounds to smaller particles and thus enhance the overall colour of the teeth. The pellicle then forms back in the next 48 hours.thus bleaching is a completely non-aggressive procedure for teeth.

The senior cosmetic dentist at FMS can guide you through the various advanced teeth whitening procedures to make you get your dazzling pearly white smile back!

What are the types of teeth bleaching systems?

Chemically activated bleaching systems like – Opalesence Boost, Pola Office, Perfora, Prevest Denpro, etc.

Light activated bleaching systems like – Zoom in office, Beyond, Colgate Optic white, Iconic white, Britesmile, etc.

What is the effective way of Teeth whitening?

In office bleaching using the light activated bleaching systems

How effective are home bleaching systems?

The home bleaching agents are chemically activated systems used more for maintenance rather than instant shade change as their concentrations are often very low. A custom bleaching tray should be made from the dentist to have a better fit and prevent spillage of the chemical on the gums. The chemical if touched on the soft tissues like gums, Cheek or tongue would cause ulcers or burning sensation on them. Hence before picking any over the counter products, consult your dentist for your oral hygiene check and a custom fit bleaching tray.

Who all can get teeth whitening done?

Teeth bleaching can be done to any adult who desires to whiten and spark up his/her smile except a few individuals who have grinded their teeth (enamel) off and/or have gum related problems, thus are suffering from dental sensitivity. The overall hygiene and health of the oral cavity is important to be spic and span before undergoing any cosmetic procedures for the longitivity and stability of the treatment.

Can all types of stains be removed with teeth whitening?

There are 2 types of stains:

  • Extrinsic stains: – Extrinsic stains occur on tooth surface caused by tea, coffee, cigarettes, paan masala, etc. can be cleaned by teeth scaling and polishing. Even microblasting can help remove the external stains. Further bleaching can be done to improve the shade.
  • Intrinsic stains: – Intrinsic stains occur inside the tooth caused by any injury to the tooth or certain medicines or excess fluoride taken in early years of teeth formation. These can only be treated with Veneers. Bleaching also can be advocated for some cases.

What is the general cost of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening cost depends on the type and concentration of the bleaching system used and number of cycles advised by the cosmetic dentist.

The cost of teeth whitening ranges from Rs. 6000/- per cycle to Rs. 12,000/- per cycle depending on the bleach materials used. Zoom is one of the best tooth whitening materials used globally as well by us.

Light activated bleaches would cost more as they have better shade change results compared to chemically activated low concentration bleaching systems.

Tooth whitening cost INR USD EURO
Chemically Activated System (in-office) / per cycle 8000 $ 97 € 90
Light Activated System (ZOOM) / per cycle 12000 $ 144 € 135

Is teeth whitening a permanent procedure? Is it safe?

Teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure. Depending on our lifestyle and the amount of colour we have in our diet, the teeth would absorb the colours and gradually dull down the colour of the teeth. Most of the times you can see bleaching effect diminishing within a year. You may have to maintain the shade with the home bleach or repeat the bleaching within a year from your dentist office. Yes, it is an absolutely safe and non-aggressive way to brighten up your pearly whites.

How frequently does one need to bleach their teeth?

After doing an in-office light activated bleach, one can use the home bleaching system for maintenance after few months to maintain their pearly whites.

Does teeth bleaching have any side effects?

Post bleaching sensitivity is the most common side effect of bleaching which varies from person to person depending upon their pain thresholds. The sensitivity last from few hours to few days but can be taken care of with the help of analgesics.

Which kind of bleaching do you advocate in your dental office?

We have been using many bleaches like light activated Zoom and chemically activated Opalesence Boost, Pola Office, Perfora etc. but Zoom is the most popular bleaching preferred by many and also gives most stable results and less post-operative sensitivity.


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