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Mutilated teeth

Is extraction the only option for badly traumatized teeth?


  • Many a times badly traumatized teeth might be indicated for extraction. However, many patients wish to retain the tooth. We, at FMS, have a dedicated team restoring hope for such clinical situations.
  • Mutilated teeth are examined clinically along with a series of radiographs to assess the clinical outcome or prognosis and accordingly patient is informed regarding the management of the tooth.

Treatment Includes

  1. Root canal therapy followed by POST and CORE. RCT is performed followed by placement of metal or fibre reinforced post in the canal space and buildup of lost tooth structure
  1. Tooth is restored using adhesive or invisible restorative materials.
  2. Additional gum contouring procedures might be required.
  3. Placement of CROWN : cap placed on the tooth to restore function. It is shaped to resemble the natural tooth.

At FMS, with the advantage of our own in house state of the art laboratory, life like crowns or prostheses using latest CAD CAM technology can be given in short duration of time (1 -3 days).

*However, extremely mutilated teeth might require extraction.

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