Zygomatic Implant Cost Price In Hyderabad, India

The Zygoma Implant cost price depends on the various protocols used in the Zygomatic Implant Surgery.

Zygomatic Implant Cost Price In Hyderabad India
Zygomatic Dental Implants
Smart Align
for atrophic maxilla (severely resorbed upper jaw)

ALL-ON-4 WITH Zygomatic Implants can give you Fixed Teeth even in Extremely Atrophic Maxilla

In patients with sufficient bone volume in the teeth-less upper jaw (maxilla), replacing complete teeth with dental implants can be achieved with predictable success. However in severely resorbed / worn-off maxilla, it’s a challenge. Several surgical procedures are available to treat this situation including grafting techniques like maxillary sinus grafts, block grafts etc., which would prolong the treatment by another 6 months, with additional bone grafting surgery too. There are also other alternatives including short implants, and tilted implant options like All-on-4 and Zygomatic Implants. But in extreme bone loss cases on the upper jaw, Zygomatic or Zygoma Implant is the best option, as short implants, alone or in conjunction with sinus floor elevation, less than 6 mm has significant failure rates.

Zygomatic Dental Implants for Atrophic Maxilla:

Zygomatic Implant is embedded into the cheek bone otherwise called Zygoma bone, thereby eliminating the need for bone grafting and/or sinus lifts. A specially designed long dental implant (30mm- 60 mm length) is placed through the jaw bone (alveolar crest) and then into the zygomatic bone for anchorage. After the implants are fixed, a provisional prosthesis can be fixed immediately.

When are Zygoma Implants used?

Zygomatic implants are indicated in severely resorbed teeth-less maxilla, but they can also be used in partially edentulous situations.

Indications for zygomatic implant include:

  • Alternative for sinus augmentation
  • Failed sinus augmentation
  • Rehabilitation after resection of maxilla after Tumour removal, fungal infections like Mucomycosis etc.
  • Failure of conventional implants / bone grafts

So today, Zygomatic implants are an evidence-based surgical and prosthetic solution for both two-stage and immediate loading protocols for atrophic maxillary bone.

Zygomatic implants procedure

Phase I
  • Treatment planning with CBCT scans
  • Necessary health checks
  • Teeth removal, if needed and followed by dental implant placement, and immediate fixed provisional denture.
Zygoma Implants CBCT SCANE

Factors to consider for Zygoma Implants:

  • Clinically symptom less and pathology free maxillary sinuses
  • Appropriate CBCT imaging of the maxillary sinuses and zygoma regions
  • At least two straight implants to be placed in the frontal maxilla
zygoma dental implants in hyderabad india

In the atrophic posterior maxilla, in general one zygomatic implant is placed on each side of the maxilla, in combination with 2-4 conventional implants in the anterior region.

zygoma implants

For the totally resorbed maxilla, when placement of anterior implants is not possible the concept can be expanded by inserting 2 additional zygomatic implants in a more anterior position (Quad zygoma). Zygomatic implants nowadays are usually immediately loaded with a fixed temporary bridge.

Quad Zygoma Implants

Phase II (usually after 6 months)

Final fixed prosthesis is delivered. Various options are:

  • New Hybrid Acrylic (Ivoclar) wrap-around Prosthesis with Nobel Procera Titanium framework.
  • Nobel Procera Titanium framework with Sirona in-lab Zirconium crown and bridge


The Zygomatic implant cost price in Hyderabad & Kochi, India depends on the protocol used. So, Zygomatic Implant procedure charges can range from an additional cost of INR 60,000 and above depending on whether its intra sinus / extra sinus Zygoma Implant, unilateral / bilateral Zygomatic implants or Quad Zygoma implants. To know more about the Zygomatic Implant Cost Price in Hyderabad & Kochi, India…..click here!

There are different protocols for the placement of zygomatic implants. The classical intra-sinus approach and the extra-sinus placement approach for severely resorbed maxilla. A thorough knowledge of the anatomy of face and related areas is necessary to reduce incidence of zygoma implant complications, achieve the best implant positions and emergence profile so as to achieve the best prosthetic rehabilitation. Therefore the placement of zygomatic implants requires adequate training and surgical experience. At FMS, the senior of Implantologists / Maxillofacial surgeons are trained internationally and have one and half decades of clinical experience in Zygoma implant surgeries.
zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants are safe when proper diagnostic and surgical protocols are followed and most importantly when performed by an experienced dental Implant / Maxillofacial Surgeon. Complications can be usually avoided, however the reported complications are post-operative Sinusitis, Infra orbital nerve parasthesia , oro antral fistula  etc, which can be dealt with.

Nobel Zygoma implants being the pioneers in tilted implant protocol is definitely the best choice. FMS also practices Bioline Zygoma implant system in specific cases. The Zygomatic Implant Cost Price varies between these brands.


A complete Case of Zygoma Implants for extremely resorbed maxilla and conventional All-on-4 on lower jaw

Implant surgery

Radiograph after Zygoma Implant placement

Radiograph after
Zygoma Implant placement

With Nobel Procera Hybrid Prosthesis


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