TOUR and TREAT - Enjoy a vacation in India along with your medical & dental treatment…

TOUR and TREAT - Enjoy a vacation in India along with your medical & dental treatment…

Medical Tourism & International patients

Welcome to India Tour

Medical tourism aids in assisting international patients with their end-to-end medical journey in India as well as provide global presence and discoverability to Indian health facilities and health professionals. Medical including Dental tourism in India offers to get the necessary care in a much faster way.

Incredible India

Some of the most compelling factors, Why INDIA, include cost savings, shorter waiting times and quality care.

  • Advanced health care – Presence of World class quality, latest technology and up to date infrastructure in India raised the bar and attracts patients from countries with underdeveloped healthcare facilities and also the patients who cannot afford high costs of healthcare in developed countries.
  • Qualified doctors – India is a hub for competent doctors and even surgeons who have expertise directed to meet your requirements proficiently. Patients from abroad come to India for cancer treatment, organ transplant surgeries, plastic surgery, dental implants, cosmetic smile makeovers (FMS Dental, is widely known for advanced cosmetic dental procedures like digital smile designing, dental laminates, hollywood smile and dental implant therapies) etc. to get treated with top doctors in India who are masters of in their field of medicine.
  • Low cost – India provides financial savings for increased medical expenses of patients from developed countries. The cost of treatments usually is one-fourth to one-fifth to that of the western countries.
  • Less waiting time – India being a vast country can offer fast track service.
  • Feeling to pulse – We are vigilant in providing personalized services.
  • Vast diversity in Tourism experience – As India is rich in varied cultural heritage, provides exotic places for touring.
  • Traditional practices – Aside from modern medical practices, India has also promoted traditional practices such as Yoga and Ayurveda that promote overall wellbeing and health.

Tourism India

India as a Destination For Medical Tourism

Dentistry also draws international patients to India, especially Hyderabad & Kochi. The FMS DENTAL HOSPITALS, Hyderabad & Kochi ( rechristined as Face Make over and Smile Clinics, has been providing dental services in the twin cities of Hyderabad – Secunderabad and Kochi for over 25 years. Now with the induction of FMS International Dental Centres located at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad & Kochi, the practice has expanded to 13 locations and has a team of over 100 dental specialists, many of whom have received international training, awards and accolades. Overseas patients come to FMS Dental from USA, UK, Gulf countries and from as far afield as Australia and New Zealand. Typically, international patients seek procedures such as smile makeovers, veneers, dental laminates, dental implants, crowns, Laser gum therapies and dentures. So, get a dental and eye check-up in Hyderabad and holiday in Goa.

All you have to do:

  • Contact us and get a video consultation.
  • Workout your travel and we are here to assist you.
  • Get approval from your country and land in India.
  • Get your treatment done in major hospitals in India.
  • Explore Indian tradition and whereabouts.
  • Return to your country with great experience.