Technology At FMS

FMS - an everlasting commitment to a healthy smile.

We update ourselves with the global trends and innovations that occur in dentistry.

Various technological innovations that are brought into the field of dentistry at FMS are:


CAD CAMs are the latest dental innovations which give a micron level accuracy in the fit of the dental prosthesis. This provides crown with better precision fit, thus avoiding revisits to the clinic once the treatment is completed. Hence these latest advancements provide great quicker & digitally designed esthetic crowns to the patient.

All Ceramic crowns like Zirconia and Emax (Lithium disilicate) are made using CAD-CAM. Implant prosthesis are also manufactured with CAD-CAM.

At FMS, the CAD/CAM systems being used are:

  • SIRONA (Germany) – INLAB MCXL


Laser dentistry is fast, painless, and can effectively eliminate any form of bacteria during the procedure. The advantage of laser dentistry is that it allows to perform less invasive procedures.

Lasers are used at FMS in most important procedures like RCTs, gum treatments and in cosmetic dentistry etc.

The different types of LASER equipments used at FMS are FOTONA (Er-YG), BIOLASE (Er-Cr-YSGG) for hard tissues and SUNNY (Diode 830) Ez LASE (Diode 730), CAVO LASE (Diode ), SIRO LASE (Diode 830) for soft tissues.


Ergonomically designed imported dental chairs are used at FMS. These chairs are very helpful in providing high comfort to our patients. Most of the dental chairs have SURGE function for disinfecting the attachments between the patients. CASTELLINI, SIRONA, KAVO, SKANRAY, MECTRON are the world class dental chairs that we use at FMS.


It is a non-invasive treatment procedure using computerized diagnostic methodology that measures the health of your jaws, facial muscles and TM Joint. This procedure takes less than an hour and helps us to estimate the effect of jaw muscles and joints on your teeth and bite.

It consists of T scan, JVG, 3 D Jaw Tracker and Tens to diagnose and treat the complex muscles, ligaments, joints of the oro-facial region.


Cone beam computed tomography is a boon to dentistry wherein the 3 dimensional views of the jaws, root canals, nerves and sinuses can be seen. It is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure.

The introduction of CBCT into our practice has revolutionized the IMPLANT dentistry by more accurate planning and placement.

KODAK CS9000, latest technological CBCTs are being used at FMS.


We use the most advanced B-class & Doc Autoclaves in all our Clinics ensuring zero bacteria environment in the operatories.

We ensure liberal use of disposables for all the procedures thereby maintaining OSHA standards of sterilization.


At FMS, Nitrous oxide (Laughing Gas) sedation dentistry is being used since it is both safe and effective. Compared to more conventional Intravenous sedation, inhalation sedation requires no needles and the patient maintains a conscious state and can respond to the doctor during the treatment. This is useful for patients who fear the dental treatment and stay away from dentist on account of anxiety.


Electronic Medical Records

At FMS, every patient’s treatment details, including images, radiographs are maintained in our customized dental software.

Digital Radiography

  • We use only digital x-rays with RVG (KODAK, SIRONA, SUNI-RAY) etc. an
  • Digital OPGs like Villa, Care Stream, Sirona.
  • CBCT from KODAK Care Stream.

Digital Diagnosis

  • Diagnodent is used routinely for hidden diagnosis of dental treatments.
  • It is a device used for the detection of cavities in the teeth where even x rays cannot pass. Diagnodent ensures thorough check of the oral cavity for any early signs of cavities making sure you do not end up spending more in the future for the more larger cavities.

Digital Designed Crown & Bridges

  • With the introduction of CAD-CAM milling units into our dental laboratory from 2008, we are able to deliver precision fit, esthetical, metal and metal free (ZIRCONIUM, EMAX, ALUMINA) crowns even in a days’ time.