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At FMS Dental, advanced Endodontics is our forte. Depending on various clinical situations, our senior endodontists perform conventional, single visit, LASER assisted root canal treatment and also the most advanced micro-endodontics (operating microscope / loupe assisted) or CBCT guided endodontics.

Who is RCT Specialist

Who is RCT Specialist (Endodontist)?

Endodontists (Root canal specialists) are highly skilled dental specialists specialized in the field of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics. Endodontists undergo extensive training during their post graduation for a period of 3 years after graduating as a full time dentist. Endodontists are specialized in diagnosing the infected dental pulp, treating tooth pain by performing root canal treatments.

The cost of root canal treatment depends on various factors that add-on to the basic price of RCT. To know more about the charges of RCT, Read More.

Advanced Root Canal Procedures

Microscope Endodontics

Microscopic & Precision Endodontics

(operating microscope / loupe assisted)


Advanced Nd:YAG, ErCr:YSGG LASERs

LASER Endodontics

CBCT Guided Endondontics

CT Guided Endondontics

Leaders in Endodontic Practice

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Why is FMS leaders in Endodontic therapy?

Unmatched Expertise

Senior Endodontists with unmatched expertise are dedicated exclusively to patient care.

World-class Technology

Advanced LASERs, Microscope & Loupes and CT guided Endodontics is in vogue at FMS

Speciality Dental Care

With all the specialists under one roof (comprehensive dental care in finishing RCT)

Meticulous Precise Result

Our Specialists do not compromise on the quality of your treatment - we give the best

Team of Dentists

Restorative Dentistry

Did you know, a regular check-up with an Endodontist and getting tooth fillings done for decayed teeth in the initial stages can prevent 90 % of root canals and tooth loss. Simple restorations can prevent you from a complex RCT.

Simple fillings of the decayed teeth

Restorative Dentistry is a specialty that deals with treatment of decayed teeth. The treatment varies depending on the extent of decay, ranging from simple fillings to complex class II – class V restorations.

Simple fillings of the decayed teeth:

These fillings include conventional silver fillings, tooth colored composite fillings and glass ionomer (GIC) fillings etc.

Complex restorations:

These are tooth saving procedures like Inlays, Onlays (using CAD-CAM technology) and restoration of mutilated teeth with post and core build up.


Yes, root canal treatment can be completed in single sitting if there is not much of infection. But, if the infection in the tooth is more and if there is tooth abscess; then ideally 2-3 visits are required for removal of the infected tissues. Root Canal Specialist (Endodontist) will place medications in the root canal spaces which ensures faster and complete healing of the root canals.

No. Root Canal Treatment is a painless procedure. RCT is performed to relieve tooth pain caused by infection to the pulp. Root canal treatment is painless when performed by an experienced root canal specialist. 

Saving a natural tooth is always better; Root Canal Treatment saves the infected natural tooth and restores its function. If the tooth has significant decay and more than 60% of the natural tooth structure is lost, it can be difficult to restore the functionality of the decayed tooth, then dental implant is a better choice to replace the damaged tooth. During your visit to FMS Dental, our senior endodontists will consult you and will let you know about the condition of your tooth and the appropriate treatment required for you.

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FMS DENTAL is awarded with 50+ Awards in 5 years. Rated #1 Dental CLinic in India by GCR (Global Clinic Rating) 


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