FMS assures a lifetime warranty* on Dental Implants

Over a period of more than a decade, FMS Dental has been performing dental implant procedures extensively ranging from single implants to full mouth implants, All-on-4, All-on-6, Zygomatic implants, Ptyregoid implants, complex cases of bone grafting like Sinus lift surgeries, Onlay Grafting etc, followed by placement of implants.

A team of doctors from the relevant specialties of dentistry constitutes The FMS Implant Team. These specialists have not only been actively involved in up-gradation of their skills regularly in India & abroad, but also in training dentists across the country in placing implants.

The expertise of the team combined with world class technology, zero-bacteria protocols in sterilization at our exclusive Centre of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implants, resulted in a success rate of over 99%.

FMS assures to repair or replace dental implants and the prosthesis for the lifetime, except in the following situations;

  • Any Damage caused by physical/ accidental/ sports injuries.
  • Loss of gum and bone tissue due to aging/ natural process.
  • Unfavorable medical conditions, like uncontrolled Diabetes, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy etc
  • Poor Oral hygiene maintenance, excessive smoking, pan/ gutka chewing habits etc.

* Maintenance check-up mandatory.

* No travelling and accommodation cost included.

* No refunds of the treatment cost

Most Awarded Dental Clinic

FMS DENTAL is awarded with 50+ Awards in 5 years. Rated #1 Dental CLinic in India by GCR (Global Clinic Rating) 


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