Jaw Tracking generates the most accurate examination of mandibular movement available. Quantitative, reproducible data of deviations, deflections and range of motion provides an unparalleled analysis of mandibular kinesiology.

JT-3D, or 3d jaw tracker for TMD , allows the clinician to analyse jaw movement in a dynamic way. The most relevant procedures include chewing, speaking, range of motion, and swallowing. The analysis of the pattern and speed provides tremendous insight in diagnosis and treatment planning.

The 3d jaw tracker for TMD records incisor-point movements in three dimensions. A small magnet, attached to the labial surfaces of the mandibular incisors, is tracked by an array of sensors to produce vertical, antero-posterior and lateral components of movement. It mounts simply, yet securely on the head, and provides an incredibly stable base for the sensors. This provides spectacular resolution even on the smallest of mandibular movements.

Jaw tracking can assist in designing optimal chewing patterns as well as detecting abnormal function which can aid in more accurate diagnosis. It also can assist in recording accurate, reproducible “bite registrations”.

Why track jaw movements?

It has been widely accepted that certain aspects of mandibular movement are indicative of very specific types of TM Dysfunction. Limitation in mouth opening, jaw movement deviations, opening deflections and restrictions in lateral or protrusive movements, along with other indications, are cited in accepted dental and medical journals and are routinely used in diagnosing stomatognathic conditions/diseases.

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