facial infections

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Facial Space Infections

Fascial Spaces are potential spaces present between the different tissues constituting the head and neck , like, the muscles, bones & fascia.

 Spread of infection

In case an infection arising the oral cavity (decayed teeth, infected gums, infected salivary gland etc), is allowed to progress unchecked, they tend to spread to the adjacent tissues, through which they may reach these fascial spaces.

It must be stressed that the fascial spaces in the body are contiguous. It is quite likely that infection in a particular fascial space will spread to adjacent ones. For example, Ludwig’s angina constitutes an infection that has spread to involve the submental (area below the chin) and bilateral submandibular (area below the lower jaw) and sublingual (area under the tounge) spaces which could cause impingement and blockage of the airway. Therefore, a seemingly ‘simple’ tooth infection, under the right circumstances, may have seriousl complications.

How do I recognize Facial Space Infection?

You should be wary if you had a decayed tooth or any other infection in the mouth but now :-

  • The presence of Swelling , Trismus (inability to open mouth), Dysphonia (changes in voice) or dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) would need to be treated urgently and aggressively. 

How are these Infections Treated

  • These infections are often cured by surgical intervention known as Incision & Drainage,

along with antibiotics and analgesics are aimed as supportive measures