With implant retained overdentures, you can chew your food more completely which aids in digestion.


Overdentures are replacement of your teeth which rest either on natural teeth or dental implants. The drawback with conventional dentures is that the first denture was usually satisfactory but with each passing year & with each subsequent denture, patients become more intolerant of their prosthesis. The resorption of bone began a vicious cycle of an ill-fitting denture, causing inflammation, which in turn increases the resorptive process, creating an even more unstable base, repeating the entire process once again.

With overdenture you will have more control over your dentures they by fewer complications.


Overdentures offer a variety of advantages as compared to conventional dentures. While some of these advantages are purely cosmetic, all of these can affect your quality of life, making you happier and healthier.

Eat the Food You Love

When conventional dentures are secured with adhesives, the hard and chewy foods you love are often difficult to eat. Implant-retained overdentures can also even improve your dietary health by putting more nutritious foods back on the menu. With implant retained overdentures, you can chew your food more completely which aids in digestion. This increases the nutrients your body is able to absorb.


An implant-retained overdenture can help stop the deterioration of your natural facial contours. Keeping this bone alive and stimulated is the only way to halt the resorption (shrinkage) that naturally occurs in areas where your natural teeth have been lost. In addition, because the overdenture is secured with implants you will not have to worry about embarrassing dislodgment.

Regain Your Self Confidence

No More Adhesives

Adhesives for denture retention, while convenient for some, do not truly secure your dentures to your ridge. Conventional dentures that are held-in with adhesives can easily dislodge, affect the taste of the foods you eat and can be very messy. Because the retention and stability is un-matched with implant-retained overdentures, you’ll no longer need the added cost, mess and hassle of adhesives to keep your dentures in place.

Implant-retained overdentures secure your teeth in your mouth and can reduce or eliminate movement, improve the aesthetics of your smile, improve chewing functions, improve speech and have a positive impact on your physical and psychological health.

Improve Your Quality of Life