Furthermore, due to computer controlled milling process, the materials are not subjected human error that can lead to problems.

CAD-CAM 3D designing and imaging

Fms is in pace with current technology and ever rising industry standards. CAD/CAMs are the latest dental innovations which give a micron level accuracy in the fit of the dental prosthesis. This provides much stable crown fit and occlusion thus avoiding revisits to the clinic once the treatment is complete. Hence these latest advancements provide great comfort to our patients.

CAD-CAM is the acronym for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, it offers high precision and high quality restorations. The whole process involves 3D designing and imaging of the teeth using computer software. Once the restoration is designed by the computer under the direction of a dentist, the information is sent to a sculpting machine which creates the restoration to exact specification. The precision and fit of such crowns are much superior to manually built-up crowns.

Why use CAD-CAM systems to fabricate dental restorations?

Dental CAD-CAM systems have advantages that cannot be matched with respect to the strength of materials and precision of the restorations. Dental materials used here are manufactured using standardized manufacturing procedures under strict quality control. These materials are generally better in quality, strength, and durability than those used to make dental restorations in the traditional casting process. Furthermore, due to computer controlled milling process, the materials are not subjected human error that can lead to problems. Therefore, dental restorations fabricated from CAD-CAM systems possess optimum strength (all-ceramic materials have a flexural strength > 500 MPa). In terms of a restorations precision, because of the accuracy of the scanner, software, and milling machine in a CAD-CAM system, the fit of the dental restorations is quite predictable.

Systems offered: 

Nobel Biocare – Procera

Sirona – InLab MC XL

Amann Girrbach ceramill® motion 2 –5-axis

Fabricate Dental Restorations

CAD-CAM systems



IPS e.max® System

A family of products, and a variety of processing  techniques, e.max is really a complete ceramic system  designed to provide esthetic, metal free solutions for  most indications. This system is considered to be the most aesthetic ceramic system till date in the market.

Depending on the case requirements, two types of  materials are available for CAD/CAM techniques: the

innovative IPS e.max CAD glass-ceramic blocks  (Lithium disilicate) and the high-strength zirconium  oxide IPS e.max ZirCAD.         IPS e.max can be pressed or milled using Enhanced Procera 2G software and the Sirona inLab® MC XL milling machine.

IPS e.max Press

IPS e.max CAD

IPS e.max ZirPress

IPS e.max ZirCAD

IPS e.max Ceram is the connecting element between the different components of the all-ceramic system. You now only have to use one layering ceramic, which will enable you to achieve highly esthetic results on glass-ceramics as well as zirconium oxide.

Nobe Biocare – procera and 2G

Patients are becoming more aware of newer technologies and treatment modalities, and are increasingly requesting metal-free digital restorations

At V dent Arts, we have some of the best CAD-CAM systems, Procera forte and Procera 2G being among them.

These CAD-CAM systems are providers of the most comprehensive and flexible crown, bridge and implant solutions in the world.

Procera Fixed Solutions

Single Crowns                – Zirconia, Alumina, e.max, Titanium, Cobalt Chromium

Abutments                      – Zirconia, Titanium,

Bridges(Upto 14 units)  – Zirconia, Titanium, Cobalt Chromium

Bridges (partial)             – Zirconia, Alumina (2–4 units), Titanium, Cobalt Chromium

PIB (Implant Bridges)    – Zirconia, Titanium,

Laminates                                                     – e.max


NOBEL BIOCARE - procera and 2G

cad cam

Sirona – InLab MC XL

Sirona – InLab MC XL

All-ceramic restorations fabricated on Sirona’s CAD/CAM systems have proved themselves millions of times in clinical practice.

The Sirona Best Quality Label guarantees optimum results – in the interests of our patients. The USP of Sirona is that we can customize the restorations to our patients needs within 24 hours. Patients have variety of material options for their prosthesis.

Sirona Material Options

Amann Girrbach ceramill® motion 2 5-axis

FMS takes pride is being one of the few labs in India that uses this technology.

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