This system would be designed in a totally different fashion if it were selected based on the model of the complete denture wearers

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The evolutionary cycle has selected a masticatory system which is functionally efficient using natural teeth and an omnivorous diet. This system would be designed in a totally different fashion if it were selected based on the model of the complete denture wearers. Dentures are rigid pieces of acrylic resin which are shaped to fit the soft tissue covering of the jaws and be compatible with the functioning and ever changing oral environment. No denture regardless of how well it is constructed can overcome the limitations of the foundations on which it is placed. In day to day practice we encounter many patients for whom an ideal treatment from prosthodontic point of view is not possible without restoring to pre-conditioning of the oral tissues by means of surgical procedures and hence these procedures constitute the pre-prosthetic surgical preparation.

Why are we doing this surgery?

  • The main goal of this pre-prosthetic surgery is to modify the oral environment to render it free of disease and make its form and possibly the function more compatible with the requirements of complete denture wearing.
  • To provide a flat and broad base (ridge) for the denture to seat in with adequate height.
  • When there is deficient bone, adequate bone and covering is indicated to protect the underlying neurovascular bundles 
  • To render the proper jaw relationship and maintain all dimensions
  • Adequate form and tissue coverage for rehabilitation of the missing tooth with implants.

Who needs pre prosthetic surgery?

  • Patients with early tooth loss 
  • Naturally occurring reduction of the bony ridge (where the denture seat in)
  • Pain which is not relieving by conventional prosthodontic measures.

Who is not a candidate for pre-prosthetic surgery?

  • Patients with underlying systemic disorders (cardiovascular disorders, high diabetes mellitus) 
  • Insufficient quantity of bone
  • Inadequate quality of the bone
  • Unfavourable arch relations

Pre-prosthetic surgeries - what, how, why?

  • Pre-prosthetic surgeries defined as a surgical intervention that is mainly done to increase the ridge height, provide space for the denture to seat properly, to augment bone and substitutes in the deficient area to give the end result comfortable and best for the patients which aid in mastication. Some of the techniques are alveoloplasty, ridge augmentation, vestibuloplasty etc.
  • It’s a surgical chair side procedure that is done under local anaesthesia where, as per the need gums/bone is exposed to augment/ reduce the size, shape and structure to provide a better seat for removable as well as fixed prosthesis for a better chewing. It’s a technique sensitive procedure done by a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon and requires expert skills fine hands and a good team.
  • The goal of pre-prosthetic  surgery  is  to  modify  the  oral environment  to  render it  free  of disease  and  to make its form and function more compatible with the  requirements of  complete denture  wearing. The overall procedure for pre-prosthetic surgery differ from patient to patient and is solely based on overall evaluation of the patient and the final outcome may depend upon the accurate diagnosis treatment plans and evaluation of patient in discussion with the oral surgeon.

Several of  the  abnormal conditions existing in  the  edentulous  patient  can  be  corrected surgically, prior to construction of dentures, to enable the  patient  to  function  more  successfully following  prosthetic  restoration. Correction of soft  tissue  abnormalities  can  substantially improve  the  patient’s  ability  to  function  with dentures  and  solve  many  of  the  adjustment problems which confront the prosthodontist. It is often better to correct the soft tissue abnormality rather than to circumvent the problem with an inferior prosthetic restoration.

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  • With FMS every step in the procedure will be assessed by the experienced team of prosthodontist and maxillofacial surgeons to give the desired and best outcome.
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