Single tooth replacement with dental implant

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Single Tooth Dental Implant in India

Single tooth replacement with dental implant is the best permanent solution for a missing tooth. The implant after being placed in the jaw, to replace or simulate the root, a dental crown is fixed over it. The single tooth dental implant in India is comparatively the conventional options for replacing a missing tooth are either a dental bridge or a removable partial denture

Single Tooth Dental Implant in India


@ 24000 INR

@ 360 USD

Here’s an explanation of the single tooth replacement with dental implant procedure:

Before the procedure

– Thorough General & Oral examination

– X-Rays or Quadrant Denta-Scan (Cone-beam CT)

– Examination of periodontal health, occlusion.

Placing the dental implant

– Titanium implant of adequate dimensions chosen.

– Careful and precise placement into the bone (in the space of missing tooth).

– Correct placement is critical to the success of this procedure.

Allow healing to take place

With minimum invasive techniques and precision, healing time is minimal. Specialists at FMS are pioneers in Tooth-in-less than a-day and Immediate implant loading procedures. No longer you have to wait for six months to have your implants loaded.

Fixing of the crown

A ceramic crown is fabricated matching the colour of your adjacent teeth. This is custom made to fit into the missing tooth space exactly, with a perfect bite.

Final Result

With a dental implant from the specialists of FMS, you should expect the new tooth to look, function and last like a natural tooth. Take care of it the same way you would as a natural tooth, with brushing, flossing, and regular checkups, to keep the tooth and the gum tissue around it healthy.

So single tooth replacement with dental implant should always be given the first priority, ahead of the conventional crown and bridges, removable dentures etc. Single Tooth Dental Implant in India