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Gum Recontouring Treatment

Periodontal diseases can and will recur if you do not follow a strict program of supportive periodontal therapy. You play the major role in preventing further outbreaks of disease. Nothing will help you maintain the results of professional treatment better than daily removal of plaque by proper brushing methods recommended.

There are many benefits to safeguarding your periodontal health. By retaining your natural teeth, you can chew more comfortably and enjoy better digestion. You also keep a healthy smile which is a natural asset to your appearance. For feeling good and looking good, nothing works better than your natural teeth. When your efforts are combined with regular visits to your dentist and periodontist, you have an excellent chance of keeping your teeth for a lifetime.


How to Brush ?


Hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees and brush the inside of the back teeth.


Hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees and brush the inside of the back teeth.


Using the same circular motion, brush outer surfaces in a circular or up & down motion


Using a scrubbing motion, clean the chewing surfaces. Also brush your tongue gently and rinse well with water.

How to Floss


Take approx 45 cms of floss and wrap it around your middle fingers. With your thumb and index fingers, secure it well.


Work the floss to and fro and up & down concentrating below the gum line.


Insert the floss between your teeth. Gently pull and push by pressing it against each side of the tooth.

Remember good oral hygiene from you and professional care from us goes hand in hand. By following this simple, straightforward program of good dental health you can help us believe that your teeth are intended to last a lifetime!

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