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Clear braces are tooth coloured / semi-transparent braces that are imperceptible. Ceramic braces and Clear aligners are well known clear braces that are available in the market.

Clear Aligners:

Many patients are keen to choose braces that are almost invisible. Clear aligners are known as clear braces that are transparent, removable and effective means of straightening teeth.

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Clear aligner therapy is the best way to perform teeth straightening to perfection invisibly. They are most modern that are digitally planned & executed. These aligners are totally invisible, most comfortable and are used for most of the patients. Clear Aligners can be used and removed by yourself and there arises no need to visit the dental office regularly for follow-ups. As per the computerized planning and simulation the treatment will be executed remotely at home.

Clear Aligners are a series of removable aligners created based on the digital models made from the scan of patients’ teeth. These aligners are custom-made for each patient. Clear braces are based on the simulated tooth movements and are provided in a series of sets to the patients which are worn for a specific time period. The number of aligner sets required to straighten your teeth depends on the malocclusion which will be analyzed by an orthodontist after a consultation.

FMS SmartALIGN and Invisalign are the popular clear aligners in Hyderabad, Kochi & India which are practiced extensively at all our FMS Dental clinics including exclusive FMS International Dental Centers.

Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are clear or tooth-coloured braces made of translucent materials which make them discreet. Ceramic braces are often preferred by adult orthodontic patients because they are less noticeable than their metal alternatives. Ceramic braces are around for over a couple of decades now and they help equally well in teeth straightening and fixing bite.

Damon Clear, 3M Unitek clarity & Ortho Organizer are the popular ceramic braces that are in vogue.


Clear aligners are invisible and are the most aesthetic options available to straighten your teeth. They function exactly like conventional braces and give you the best possible results.


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