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Dr. Rohith

Health Manager, International Patient Services
Phone: +91 888 50 60 780
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Rohini

Dental Tourism Facilitator
Phone: +91 888 50 60 751
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Irram Abbas

Health Manager, International Patient Services
Phone: +91 888 50 60 755
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Deepesh

Dental Tourism Facilitator
Phone: +91 888 50 60 776
Email: [email protected]

A dedicated team of ICC is placed at FMS for coordinating our international patients viz. Foreigners, Expats and NRIs. The team consists of Director, Dental tourism facilitator, coordinator, PROs and dentists.

Team International Customer Care (ICC)

Dedicated Team of International Customer Care

Contact The Team @ (+91) 888 50 60 780 / (+91) 888 50 60 770 / (+91) 888 50 60 750)

The team is dedicated for:

  • Coordinating the first phase of e-consultation with our Team ICC dentist.
  • Organizing a video conference or e-consultation with our senior dental specialists.
  • Team ICC will coordinate for the necessary invitation letters and other Visa requirements.
  • Helping our clients with Hotel booking with FMS corporate discounts.
  • Helping out in planning for tourism in India in-between the treatments.
  • Airport pickups and local guidance.
  • Recall Service to remind patients of review &follow-up.
Arrival At FMS Dental Hyderabad
  • Oral and Dental examination, evaluation and diagnosis is made after which a treatment plan is arrived.
  • Further details regarding treatment and cost factor are discussed directly with the patient.
  • The dental procedures are carried out, as per the plan.
  • Sightseeing in Hyderabad and other locations happens in between appointments.
  • Back to the country of origin, with healthier teeth and a beautiful smile, after an amazing dental vacation.
Planning A Dental Vacation From Your Home Country
  • Initial contact with the patient’s residence/office, diagnostic aids such as X-rays, photographs, medical reports etc are sent to us through email.
  • A provisional diagnosis, treatment plan and estimated cost are arrived at, for patient’s approval. A
  • Appointments, duration of treatment, accommodation, sight seeing are discussed.
  • On arrival, a thorough examination  / evaluation is performed, a definitive diagnosis is made and treatment is carried out.

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