Modern esthetic dentistry involves not only the restoration of lost teeth and their associated hard tissues, but increasingly the management and reconstruction of the encasing gingiva with adequate surgical techniques like Papilla Reconstruction Procedure.

The open gingival embrasure, also called the “black triangle,” is a visible triangular space caused by the lack of interdental gingival papilla filling this area. These Black Triangles appear extremely unaesthetic and are unacceptable. Several surgical and non-surgical procedures have been proposed to treat the soft tissue deformities in the interproximal area. The interdisciplinary aspects of treatment comprising an orthodontist, prosthodontist and an endodontist working in tandem with a periodontist must be emphasized to achieve the best possible result.

These clinical techniques may also help to re-establish the contact points, reduce the distance between the contact point and the alveolar crest and re-form the interdental papillae.

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