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Root canal treatment (RCT) : Striking the right balance between cost and quality

Practicing dentistry for past 28 years, I have seen most of the patients coming to us through calls & chats with a common query- what is the cost _____? More specifically speaking; What is the cost of root canal treatment?


Cost can be determined only after a clinical and radiological evaluation of the tooth; indeed there are a lot of other factors to consider for a successful RCT and to prevent reinfection of the tooth. Let me roll up my sleeves to explain them!

  • Who is performing the procedure? RCT done by a general dentist is definitely going to cost less compared to an endodontist (root canal specialist). But the success rate is always more when a senior endodontist performs the procedure because he/she can handle even complicated cases with their expertise.
  • Which type of tooth? The molar root canals are said to be more costly than the front teeth. As the posterior teeth have multiple, curved, complicated canals which needs to be filled by technique sensitive procedures by the experienced endodontists.
  • What is the type of equipment used? We at FMS Dental perform root canal treatments regularly using modern and hi-tech instruments like rotary endodontics, protaper system, etc. We also provide advanced treatments such as:
  1. Laser RCT- Sometimes, there is extra infection which cannot be cleaned completely by regular instruments. Then lasers should be used to provide better disinfection process and microbial free environment in the canals. The cost increases whenever a laser is used and can vary depending on the type of laser (Biolase/Fotona).
  2. CT guided endodontics- Clinics that have CBCT have an advantage of checking the canals virtually and 3-dimensionally to make sure that all the canals have been addressed (including accessory canals). Naturally, the cost of CT is also added to these procedures.
  3. Microscopic endodontics- This procedure gives an enlarged view of the canals and chambers to the endodontist. Microscopic endodontics is little more time taking and tedious procedure but precision is always the advantage. The cost definitely varies when compared to regular RCT.


  • How is the tooth structure? In some cases, the tooth structure is destroyed a lot leaving only a little healthy tooth. Here, the tooth has to be built properly by core build up or fiber post or cast post to conserve the tooth which is going to cost a little more bucks.

In general, we tend to search for dental clinics based on the budget. But, Is cost the only deciding factor? No!.Whilst thinking of saving a tooth, one should think about the quality of treatment, technology used and the experience of the doctor.

At FMS Dental, the Cost of Root Canal starts from 4500 and can vary depending on the procedure. Have any queries regarding RCT? Talk to a dentist at 8885060770


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