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Prone to tooth decay? Don’t just blame it on the sugar!

With regards to oral wellbeing, cavities are probably the most familiar topic among us. But, have you ever wondered why do we get cavities? What causes cavities in teeth? What food causes cavities? Or does sugar cause tooth decay?


In view of some studies, it shows that people who do not consume sweets and chocolates also succumb to cavities. On the other hand, some people maintain their teeth pretty well even when they are fond of sugary foods (sweet tooth!). This implies that there are a lot of other factors which contribute to the cavities in our mouth. Read on, to know them!

  1. Brushing technique- Ever felt like, why do I have cavities even though I brush? It’s because brushing teeth in the right technique is as significant as brushing twice a day. Hold your brush at 45 degree angle to the teeth with downward sweeping motions covering all the surfaces of your teeth. This ensures the brush to reach every nook & corner of the mouth for removal of food particles.

  2. Dry mouth – Stress full incidents make us to go for a puff or two. But, smoking causes dry mouth which in turn causes teeth more prone to decay. Quitting smoking and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables will help your teeth fight against the decay-causing bacteria.

  3. Genetic- Why do I get cavities so easily? Why do I have cavity prone teeth? Could have been some questions which have stroked your mind at instances. Then, genetics could be the reason. Some people can have genetic predisposition to be more prone to cavities and it is advised to not miss your dental check ups for every 6 months.

  4. Receded gums- Gum disease can lead to recession of gums by exposing the root portion of the tooth and Increase the chances of root cavity. Meet your periodontist as soon as possible; because gum disease (gingivitis/periodontitis) should be treated at the early stages otherwise it can gobble up all the aspects of the oral cavity.

  5. Fluorides- Fluorides help in remineralisation of the teeth; makes the teeth stronger. So, every dentist recommends you to use a fluoridated tooth paste and make sure to check the levels of fluoride in your drinking water.

  6. Dietary habits- Sugar isn’t the only culprit for cavities but it’s always better to be away from processed and sugary foods for a good health (especially sticky foods). Make it a habit to rinse your mouth with water after every snack and meal.

What causes cavities in teeth

Follow these habits to the utmost possible for healthy teeth. Get your cavity treatment done in the initial stages with the best dentist near you and do not hesitate to ask query regarding oral habits. We will be honoured to help you out. Call a dentist at 8885060770.


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