Have you ever been bullied for having a smile that showed more gums than required? Did you realize that your gums are as important as your teeth to give you a beautiful smile?

The combination of well contoured healthy pink gums, proper attachment of the lips and aesthetically aligned teeth are all equally responsible for a smile that will make people go “wow!”

When Ms. Rajini walked into our clinic for teeth cleaning, she was a shy and introverted individual who was very conscious of her smile. On delicate inquiry, our Periodontist realized that she feels that she shows too much of her black gums while smiling. All it took was simple procedures of depigmentation (removal of excess black pigment) and gum re-contouring (reshaping or redesigning of the gums) to put her apprehensions to a rest. Today, she oozes confidence and is a reputed speaker.

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We encounter many such cases every day. Apparently small teeth, irregularly seen lip lines, swelling of the gums, or dark colored gums maybe the causes for an unflattering smile. This can lead to self-consciousness, loss of confidence and social isolation due to bullying. Healthy gums are usually pink, not white or red. Their actual color varies according to an individuals’ complexion. Any infection gives them a swollen, reddish or blackened look which is not very pleasant to look at.

At FMS, our highly experienced cosmetic dental team use modern techniques to improve gum aesthetics which include correcting uneven contours and lengthening teeth that appear small. We also practice bloodless dentistry with the help of LASERs in our procedural protocols.

Cosmetic dental treatments include treatments like

  • Repositioning, in cases of low lip lines, redesigning the shape of the lips decreasing the excess visibility
  • Gingival sculpting or gingival recontouring involves a minimally invasive laser procedure to remove and re-shape uneven or excessive gum tissue
  • Depigmentation is done with the use of the laser to easily and painlessly remove the blackish  spots on the gums with little to almost no recovery time

With the availability of world class doctors, advanced technology and bloodless procedures, you are no longer forced to hide your smile.  Walk out with the perfect set of pearly whites and your confidence soaring high within a matter of an hour.  Remember, it is not just the teeth that need to look good, but the gums are important too for a great smile.


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