The value of a great confident smile is priceless and is desired by all.

When a patient wishes to attain that smile but is cynical to undertake the treatment procedure because he/she is not being able to visualize the final treatment outcome, is when a Digital smile Designing tool comes into play.

Prior to the advent of digital dentistry, patients needed to just trust their cosmetic dentist to create a smile they would adore. But, now with state of the art technology through digital smile design makeover, it’s possible for the patient to have direct contribution into designing their smile.

What is Digital Smile Designing ?

It is a virtual treatment planning protocol supporting the dental aesthetic treatment. Digital smile designing software for dental clinics analyses patient’s facial and dental structures and then uses digital technology to create a custom designed smile. This helps to preview your final outcome of the treatment before committing to the smile makeover treatment.


1. Consultation – The cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth, listen to your preferences and expectations and takes a Digital impression.

2. Exhaustive Digital Photography – The beginning of designing your smile starts with clicking great photos of you by our professional photographers in the exclusive digital photo studio. We make sure to capture the images of the teeth in different profiles with which post treatments can be designed according to the patient’s objectives.

3-Video Analysis – Photographs provide us with the static movements of teeth, lips & smile. So, to capture the dynamic movements a short video clip is necessary for us to see how your smile relates to your face in normal speech.

4 -Smile Design Analysis – We put all the gathered information into our DSD software to Design changes to your smile along with taking into consideration of your preferences.

5-Mock up–This final 3D design is then translated to our master technicians who will contribute to the blueprint of your smile.It gives a preview of how your final smile will look. At this stage, any changes can be made about tooth length, shape and colour.

Once the final smile designs are agreed, you will be informed about the treatment duration, procedure and cost of the treatment.


If not all, but many of the end results of the cosmetic treatments can be assessed with this DSD softwares. Some of the treatments where digital smile designing is routinely used are:

  1. Discoloured teeth
  2. Gaps between the teeth
  3. Slightly irregular teeth
  4. Gummy smile (unnatural gum visibility)
  5. Asymmetrical/uneven gum lines

When veneers are placed in the above situation, we can see the size, shape, contour of the teeth and you can exchange your opinion with the dentist.


1) Visual communication for patients

The fear associated with dental treatments is reduced as patients can understand the process, view and decide the result beforehand. Digital smile design helps in better patient acceptance and motivation of the treatment.

2) Use of advanced technology

Latest technology enhances the explicability of the procedure. This enables the patient to understand the whole process in an interactive and understandable way.

3) Better predictability

As the final outcome is predicted well in advance, the cosmetic treatments can be performed easily according to the patient’s expectations.

4) Collaborative process

Patients and dentists are co-creators of smile designing. This permits the patient to have input in the plan and furthermore empowers the cosmetic dentist to ensure the smile makeover to the best.

Smile make overs are an extremely personal experience and it can require a few days to think over the process. Nevertheless, a digital smile design consultation can help you to decide and feel confident in your treatment.

Not all dental clinics can offer Digital Smile Design software as it is very expensive. But, FMS Dental being at the forefront of Aesthetic dentistry is well equipped with all the latest and advanced technology along with DSD software.

It is used on a regular basis for designing the smiles of our patients.

Visit FMS Dental for your smile makeover treatment with the best cosmetic dentist. If you would like to know more information about the digital smile designing for your smile makeover call a dentist @ 8885060770.


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