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Enhance your Smile with Dental Veneers

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers, are thin, tooth colored custom made shells that are attached to the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance. They can be composite or porcelain coverings that are bonded to the tooth surface using dental cement. Many a times in the smile designing, veneers are used to create that wow look! Veneers are made of ceramic or composite material.

Who needs dental veneers?

Veneers help in treating many cosmetic dental issues like chipped or broken teeth, gaps between the teeth, minor misalignment and discoloration. Veneers can’t always replace orthodontic treatments. Sometimes we need to precede with aligners before we place the veneers.

Dental veneers improve your smile, but they don’t necessarily strengthen & repair your teeth. Veneers are an excellent way to enhance your smile & boost your confidence and they could possibly be a solution for you. Talk to your cosmetic dentist about your specific cosmetic goals & find out which veneers suits you.

Are there different types of veneers?

Yes, there are different types of veneers including composite, porcelain, no-prep veneers and removable veneers.

Composite Veneers: They can conceal mild cosmetic issues. Tooth colored composite material is used and bonded to the tooth surface to achieve desired results. They can discolor after few years.

Porcelain Veneers: They can address a number of aesthetic imperfections and are custom made to fit your tooth anatomy. Before placement, very little enamel from your natural tooth surface needs to be removed and the thin sheet is cemented onto the tooth surface.

No-Prep Veneers: or Minimal prep veneers are less invasive option. These are also custom made for smile. However, they require less enamel removal compared to traditional ones and not all patients are indicated for these veneers.

Removable Veneers: Also called pop on veneers or snap on veneers and cover natural teeth to hide imperfections. You can remove veneers at any time desirable. They can enhance your smile but can make it difficult to eat and could have a negative impact on your speech. Still lot of research needs to be conducted on these veneers.

Do veneers require special care?

Regular brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly for scaling or cleaning is required to keep your veneers in good condition. For long lasting veneers, you should avoid biting directly in to hard or crunchy food including apples & carrots. Cut them into pieces and chew them with your back teeth.

Do veneers damage your teeth?

No, veneers don’t damage your teeth, it’s important to brush, floss and visit your dentist regularly for cleaning.

Are veneers permanent?

Composite veneers last for about 4-5 years and porcelain veneers last between 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance.

Why FMS Dental?

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Dedicated team of experienced cosmetic dentists and newer advanced technology that has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry at FMS Dental. Their in-house ultra-modern dental lab can deliver customized dental veneers and crowns etc. Their comprehensive team comprising of cosmetic dentists, dermatologists and maxillofacial surgeons plan your holistic and total transformation.

We are a rare combination of perfection, commitment, dedication, compassion and precision to give the best smile to the patient. This combination work of our team of cosmetic dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists and dermatologists makes all the difference as a team to give you the perfect smile you are looking for!


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