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Can Any Dentist Put Braces?

The straight answer is a big “NO!” Although sticking or placing braces on to a tooth is a simple affair, the devil is in the details; and is something that is beyond the scope of a Dentist; as it determines how a face responds and transforms, when a tooth is pushed, or pulled; …and the why and how much of it, really, really matters !

Braces are orthodontic appliances used for the correction of poor tooth alignment. The specialist who performs this modality of treatment is called an “Orthodontist:” and is someone who has  undergone specialised training for a minimum period of 3 years, followed by the successful completion of various assessments, in the form of tests and examinations, to verify his or her competency and understanding of the growth and development of the dental and facial regions.

This clarification is critical in today’s times as the merchandising and marketing of so-called do-ityourself dental services (aligners included!!), is on the rise; and importantly offered by non- professionals and dentist unqualified in the highly specialised field, that is “Orthodontics.” Not all crooked

Crooked-teeth or malaligned teeth can in certain instances be a part of the normal developmental process of the face; and what appears as “buck-teeth or bunny- teeth” often reverts or changes back to normal as growth occurs in the underlying jaws that house the upper and lower teeth. That is why a Specialist Consultation is vital, right from your first visit to ensure that your concern are understood and addressed correctly, …and if at all an intervention with “Braces”, is even required!

This we are sure will come as a surprise to you, the reader, as well as a few general dentists who lack an understanding of facial development.

Crooked teeth are sometimes the result of improper oral habits like finger-sucking or mouth-breathing; where teeth revert back to their normal positions when these habits are identified early and stopped. Sometimes faulty positions are a natural adaptation by the body to mask any discrepancies in Jaw position or Jaw  Growth. In these latter instances, Braces, may actually make the problem worse an if Correction is “Not all crooked teeth need braces!” even attempted without checking the finer details. Changing your smile and changing the way, your bite is (chewing).

There are many more aspects that distinguish the skills of an Orthodontist from a general dentist and their ability in transforming your smile. Quite simply put, it goes beyond just fixing orthodontic braces. These highly trained specialists see your tooth alignment problem from the holistic perspective of facial beauty, with a goal that seeks balance; and as they undertake orthodontic  interventions with braces or other types of orthodontic appliances, they look towards improvements, that are not only transformative and stable, but also ones that preserve, …the longevity of your beautiful smile !


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