In as many as my 25 years of experience, I’m yet to find a patient who is not worried about the way it would look after a dental treatment, especially to the front teeth. People of all ages request me for a replacement that doesn’t even look like a replacement.

Over the years, I have realized that color is very important for esthetics. The various effects of light influence the outward appearance of any finished object. After experimenting with various dental materials, I understood early on that all-ceramic crowns, particularly, those made of zirconia or Emax  come as close as possible to natural teeth.

A good number of patients are knowledgeable about most of the recent trends and know exactly what is it they  want and how they want it. All-ceramics have also become very popular just by the word of mouth. I’m no longer surprised when patients walk in asking me for implants with zirconium or Emax crowns

Metalfree Crowns

At FMS, we use zirconia for most of the dental procedures, like, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays posts, orthodontic brackets, and implants. The first time I’ve seen a zirconia based crown, I found it very difficult to believe that it was a prosthesis. Even after years, I’m still amazed by its ability to be so bio compatible without risks of any allergic reaction and to its ability inhibit cracks and failures.

As an experienced Implantologist, I’ve worked on different kinds of implant procedures, easy to moderate to very difficult cases. But, unless the result is satisfying to the patient, even the best of the work is not 100 percent to me. The visible part of the restorations needs to be dealt with extra-carefully for which I recommend all-ceramic crowns.


Zirconium is processed exclusively by computerized systems called CAD/CAM and, besides zirconia; they may be used for other types of restorations. This is one of the advantages we have in our FMS in house Dental lab which is digitized with sophisticated and highly precise CAD CAM systems like 5-axis Sirona (in- lab MCXL and in-lab MCX5), Procera 2G and Mtab Exocad for milling zirconium and give a perfect contour fit. I rely on my clinical craftsmanship and the fine skill of our technicians in our lab to deliver the most esthetic and near natural end product.

The difference between a good and a bad crown is immense – the aesthetics are better, the fit is better, the longevity is better.  Would you want a treatment that doesn’t even last for an year? Of course not. A crown should last a very long time – decades. The world is getting smarter, be with it!


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