Lasers and Dentistry — a hot topic these days! There is almost no dental publication without some article published on dental lasers. The number of dental practitioners adapting themselves to the laser technology in their private practices has doubled in just four years and that is incredible statistics!

LASER Dentistry FMS DENTALHospital

This technology is opening up new thinking and new possibilities, treatment  restorative procedures including tooth whitening, tooth cavity detection, periodontal treatment, mouth surgery, and tooth fillings. At FMS, we have a wide spectrum of LASERs for various procedures on both hard and soft tissues. Many patients find that the dental laser treatments are less painful and heal more quickly.

The most commonly used laser by Periodontists is the diode laser. It is more cost effective than most other lasers on the market and is user friendly. Endodontists use LASERs like Biolase/Fotona (Er-YAG) for Root canal treatments. They can flush away bacteria in just 2-3 minutes per canal (traditional methods take about 20-30 minutes) which means you can have a complete root canal treatment without totally disrupting your day.

LASER In Dentistry

As long as the dentist stays focused on doing the uncompromising treatment and avoid harm to the patients, it is still considered an ethical dental practice. If the technology that may help the patients is available, then why not try it? Dentistry is at the forefront of laser use in this technologically advanced era.  They are available over a wide range of wavelengths for different treatments, though, in the end, what will ultimately determine which LASER to use is the clinical diagnosis and the expertise of the doctors.


Moreover, there is a very little chance for relapse or recurrence of the infection because LASERs destroy 99.9% of the bacteria. The probability of going through the procedure again due to re infection is close to zero.

So what more can you ask? Lesser time, no injection, reasonable cost, no pain, no blood, no recall and all this in a single sitting!


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