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Today’s busy dental practices face a serious challenge: patient safety. Effective and efficient infection control in the dental clinics is essential for the safety of patients.

At FMS, sterilization begins right from our door step. The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) rules and regulations for sterilization and infection control have been formulated as a universal standard to be followed in all our hospitals.

  • Each branch has its own sterilization unit with Class B Autoclaves, Doc Autoclaves, Ultrasonic cleaners and washers,  Fumigators, Formaldehyde Chambers, Cassettes and Steripouches for instrument packing and also dedicated personnel for sterilization.
  • We use maximum disposables in every procedure to ensure the safety of our patients.
  • Infection control programs include the cleaning and sterilization of reusable dental instruments and devices.
  • Assurance of sterility of instruments and devices are obtained with Chemical Indicators and Biological monitoring.
  • All FMS Dental Centers are designed in such a way that, a designated area for instrument reprocessing is earmarked, that is separate from the dental treatment room.


Best in class sterilization



@ FMS for bacteria free handpieces

Ultrasonic cleaning devices

Cleaning with the running water along with mechanical cleaning using Ultrasonic cleansers are done regularly.


Stericlave specially made pouches and cassettes are used at FMS for packing instruments prior to sterilization. Sterilization packages are specifically designed to allow penetration of heat, steam or vapor. After sterilization, instruments  remain in packages until use. The color change indicator over the package will reassure us about the quality of sterilization.


FMS uses Prevacuum autoclaves,also called Class B or Type B sterilizers in our centres.

These high-end autoclaves which uses a pulse vacuum to ensure elimination of air from the chamber is a more efficient means of pressurizing the chamber.  We use a temperature of 132°C-135°C for 15 minutes to achieve sterilization.

DAC Autoclaves are used in our clinics, which are specially designed for hand piece sterilization and lubrication.

Sterility assurance

All the efforts that go into the preparation of instruments are futile if the sterilization process itself is not successful. There are several methods at FMS to provide assurance of sterility.

Chemical indicators

Chemical indicators used at FMS, are useful in determining which packs have been properly processed versus those that have not.  These color change indicators embedded on the outside of sterilization packaging materials.

Biological monitoring

FMS uses biological monitors (spore tests), as it is the most reliable method to validate that the sterilizer is functioning and that the sterilization of instruments is effective. These monitors consist of paper strips or vials impregnated with bacterial spores that are specifically resistant to the sterilization process. We reassure that biological monitoring, be conducted at least monthly.

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