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Endodontic therapy has changed greatly in the last few years, changes from “uncertain endodontic therapy” to “secure endodontic therapy” Microscope has significantly enhanced the ability of a dentist to view the tiniest details inside a patient’stooth. It helps by magnifying vision up to 30 times that of a naked eye which allows to work with great precision and better outcomes compared to treatment without using a microscope.

Microscope Endodontics

What is Microscope endodontics?

Your tooth root canal is a very thin and delicate path. Sometimes, these paths are complicated with multiple canals or curved paths. Such tortuous canals are difficult to navigate by your endodontist. Added to this there is a lack of visibility into your tooth. At such times, especially, a magnification of your tooth root, will help your endodontist perform the root canal procedure accurately

What is the advantage of microscope endodontics?

Our human eye has its limitations when it comes to seeing objects of a certain size. However, magnification can help us with many aspects of vision such as:

  • Increased visualization
  •  Ease of proper digital documentation capabilities
  • Increased ability to communicate through integrated video
  • With magnification, endodontic procedures can be done in much precise and faster way, because of the greater visibility of the root canal anatomy with reduced procedural errors.

Why we use Microscope at our clinic and how are you benefited?

1) Highest quality of oral examination
• It helps in finding those cracks and fractures in tooth which are likely to be invisible at the naked eye level

2) High success rates in root canal treatment.

  • With the help of microscope you can find hidden or missed canals that have been blocked by calcifications and reduced in size.
  • It also assist to avoid unnecessary damage by preserving the tooth structure. Enabling us to increase the success rate by doing it right at the first time and lowering any risk of a failure by cleaning and filling in a very precise way.
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3) Saving your failed RCT tooth.

  • Helps visualize defect like perforations and aids in precise treatment of
    the defect.
  • Aids in removal of separated instruments, obturating materials, and post, that provides a pathway to clean the infection thoroughly and save your tooth from being removed.

In what cases could microscopic root canal treatment provide solutions?

  • Can help in saving some teeth which have been compromised during previous
    root canal treatment by finding missed canals.
  • When old obturating materials need to be removed.
  • If surgical instruments have been broken into the root canal during previous
    treatments and they need to be removed

What’s the difference between the traditional and the microscopic root canal treatment?

The largest benefit of microscopic root canal treatment is the magnifying function of the dental microscope which enables the dentist to examine the tooth and its root canals under multiple magnification (even 30x). This way, those areas that are invisible to the naked eye can be explored and treated as well, which greatly increases the success and the efficiency of the treatment. Whether we’re talking about the manual or the mechanical root cleaning method, the whole intervention becomes remarkably accurate. Even root canal filling can be done more precisely, the special LED light built inside the head of the microscope illuminates exactly the surface to be treated. This direct illumination provides excellent visibility for the dentist to examine all the details of the problematic area.

When would it be necessary to have a microscopic root canal treatment?

If pain persists following the traditional root canal treatment and your tooth continues to cause complaints, it’s highly possible that there are unexplored, uncleaned / unsterilised root canals left. Such root canals are usually invisible to the naked eye. With the help of microscopic magnification, it’s possible to discover and clean hidden / curved root canals.

Is microscopic endodontics expensive?

Your endodontist has to invest in good magnifying equipments to perform precision treatment procedures. Since these are expensive and also your endodontist has to undergo special training to perform these procedures, micro-endodontic procedures
are marginally more than the conventional therapy. But because the treatment outcome is more accurate, its worth the investment for you.

Could my tooth surely be saved with this method?

There is no treatment providing a 100% result, since several parameters influence the recovery process. However, microscopic root canal treatment provides an outstanding result with its 99% success rate compared to the traditional root canal therapy.

Our dentists can do successful interventions even in those difficult and problematic cases where general dental practice is not sufficient anymore!

Why Choose FMS Dental Clinic?

  •  Our dentist who are specialized in endodontics are well-qualified, highly-skilled in microscope technique and very experienced in performing both standard and complex root canal treatments.
  • Root Canal Therapy is performed in our state-of-the-art clinic, which offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • There is no additional cost generated to the patient for the use of the equipment. It may actually save the patient some money in the long run, as it allows for higher-quality care at a much faster rate.

So, you know you’re in good hands and being treated with top-of-the-line equipment and staff with our practice. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

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