IPS e-max Press & CAD (Ivoclar Vivadent – Germany)

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Porcelain IPS e-max Press

Crafted from high strength porcelain and custom-made for the individual, e-max Veneers are thin layered and bonded to the front surface of the teeth. This enhances both the function and appearance of teeth. E-max Veneers are well-known for their durability and stabilising effects, being fitted without the need for tooth etching as is the way with more traditional dental veneers.

Patients experience a range of benefits from e-max veneers :
  • Designer thin veneers with added strength and durability for longer lasting results.
  • Less likely to chip when in contact with teeth on the opposite arch.
  • Minimal preparation time necessary so patients receive their veneers faster.
  • No tooth etching or drilling required, which can weaken the tooth structure.
  • Bonds to tooth enamel; a stronger, more secure bond than dentin-bonding.
  • Higher translucence and aesthetic quality offering a natural tooth shade.
  • May be combined with feldspathic porcelain for enhanced aesthetics.