A popular quote says- “If you want to have the best YEAR ever, you have to first plan to have the best MONTH ever the year before.”

The New Year is round the corner….

So, how about transforming your smile to the best this month? Hollywood Smile is in vogue so why not think of getting a Hollywood Smile to welcome this New Year!

At FMS Dental Hospital, our Smile Designing team will help you in transforming your dream into an awe-inspiring reality!

HOLLYWOOD Smile Design in Hyderabad

What is a Hollywood Smile?

For a smile to be classified as a Hollywood smile, it should be nothing less than PERFECT which means a set of absolutely symmetrical and sparkling bright-white colored teeth. Listed below are few important aspects of a Hollywood smile-

  1. The color of the teeth should be in contrast with the color of the skin and the white of the eye. Bright white shade is the most preferable one when it comes to Hollywood smiles.
  2. The Smile line should be parallel to the imaginary line that is formed by joining the pupils of the eyes and edges of the upper teeth should be parallel to the lower lip.
  3. Symmetry– Teeth when viewed from both the sides should be balanced.
  4. Gender-specific- For women, slender and oval shape is recommended for that perfect feminine look whereas for men squarish, slightly bulky and round teeth look better and masculine. Minor procedures like enamel recontouring to veneers can be done to bring about the above mentioned changes.
  5. Balanced gums- The gums should be well-contoured and pale pink in color. The gum-line and the upper lip should be in line with each other thereby, keeping the gum exposure at the minimum. Procedures like gum contouring and gum depigmentation can bring about dramatic changes to the shape, color and texture of the gums.

Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures involved in the Hollywood Smile Makeover

Even though, a number of cosmetic dental procedures are performed to craft a celebrity Smile, two most commonly used procedures are-

Professional Teeth Whitening

Darkening of teeth can happen as a result of aging process or due to the regular consumption of staining food products and beverages like tea or coffee. Professional teeth whitening or bleaching as we commonly know it as, can transform your smile and turn discolored or stained teeth lighter and whiter by many shades. 

Dental Veneers/ Laminates

Veneers are shells made of tooth-colored porcelain that are fixed commonly on the upper front teeth, as they tend to show the most when someone smiles, laughs or speaks. They repair & beautify cracked or stained teeth, lengthen or shorten teeth & also fix gaps between teeth. While selecting the shade for veneers, the color of the face and skin is also taken into consideration. Bright white shade is preferred to achieve the dazzling Hollywood Smile.

The cosmetic dentists at FMS International Dental Center, Hyderabad, India, are specialists in Digital Smile Designing (DSD) and ensure to incorporate even the minutest detail while customizing the treatment plan for you. The state-of-art in-house dental CAD CAM lab at FMS is a big boon to the personalization of veneers alongside faster completion of smile makeovers.

So, think no more, look no further. It’s time to act fast & start off RIGHT now!

Just book a consultation with our cosmetic dental specialist and experience the Hollywood beam this New Year!