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FMS Dental Lab - Best CAD CAM Dental Lab in Hyderabad India

Can a laboratory add value to a dental practice . . . most definitely!!! The FMS  in-house dental laboratory located in Langar House, Hyderabad. Established in 1998,  strives to do achieve world class prosthetic solutions : to add value to our dental practice.


Any prosthetic rehabilitation is a symbiotic association between the clinician and a dental laboratory. FMS  being one of the few corporate dental set ups having an in house LAB, with a myriad of available equipment, provides us  an array of material options for prosthetic rehabilitation. We are among the few in the country to have some of the best CAD-CAM systems, that provides digital dental solutions and concepts like TOOTH IN A DAY.Having an in house lab also gives us the biggest advantage of personalized customization of prosthesis for our patients and instant solutions.


CAD-CAM Designing

CAD CAMs are the latest dental innovations which give a micron level accuracy in the fit of the dental prosthesis. This provides crown with better precision fit, thus avoiding revisits to the clinic once the treatment is completed. Hence these latest advancements provide great quicker & digitally designed esthetic crowns to the patient.



CAD-CAM Zirconium crownand Bridges Zirconium / Titanium frameworks from Nobel Biocare Sweden

cad cam


CAD-CAM Germany



lithium disilicate glass-ceramic Liechtenstein

IPS e.max System

IPS e.max  was first adopted by V Dentarts way back in 2003. This system started off with the innovative  press lithium disilicate glass ceramic ingots but is now available for both press and CAD /CAM applications. These versatile materials offer excellent fit, form and function and demonstrate exceptional life-like esthetics. The pressing is done in a Programat EP3000 furnace( Ivoclar Vivadent ) and the CAD/CAM can be done using both our CAD systems- Sirona inLab MCXL and Procera 2G.

Porcelain fused to Metal Crowns and Bridges (PFM)

PFM- Porcelain fused to metal , is the conventional technique of making crowns and bridges and maybe the most widely practiced technique in the world. At FMS’s Dental Lab we use one of the highest quality ceramic system- IPS d.SIGN . This fluorapatite glass ceramic is known for its impressive strength and desirable esthetics. The ceramic powder is layered over metal frameworks (Chrome Cobalt) and fired in ceramic funaces (Programat P300, Ivoclar). Prostheses made using this method can be easily designed to fit any type of preparation.



d.SIGN® – Ivoclar Vivadent Liechtenstein



Ceramic reinforced, Thermoplast frameworks. BREDENT, UK

PEEK- Bredent

Keeping abreast with all the new technologies FMS’s Dental lab- V Dentarts started with PEEK in 2013, making it one of the first few labs in the country to do so.

PEEK (polyetheretherketone),  is a ceramic-reinforced high performance polymer. It is processed using the For2Press ( Bredent GmBH & Co.) which is a vacuum press system  developed specifically for PEEK. With  its various shades, new possibilities arise for providing the patient with fixed or removable high quality prosthetic restorations on implants or natural teeth.

To add to the esthetics it can be layered with high strength composites like Adoro (Ivoclar Vivadent), Visio.lign and Crea’lign veneering systems ( Bredent GmBH & Co. )

Precision casting- Lukadent LUKACast S Induction Vacuum

This is one of the latest additions to FMS’s Dental Lab and is considered to be among the world‘s smallest Vacuum-Casting Machines. It can be used for all precious and non-precious dental alloys. The casting is done with compressed air or argon gas. This gives a very high quality casting and excellent precision in fit of the prostheses, thus increasing the longevity of the restoration.

lukaplast (1)


precision fit prostheses (YOR EQUIPMENT, INC.) Germany



flexible partial dentures. United Kingdom


These are partial dentures made of flexible, nylon-based, thermoplastic polyamides.

FMS’s inhouse Dental Lab offers the following flexi systems: Thermopress ( Bredent GmBH, UK ) and Valplast . The dentures made using these systems are highly biocompatible. They are fabricated through an injection molding technique and have an exceptional fit. Some of the reasons for opting for a flexi denture over a conventional partial denture are that they are thin, lightweight, resistant to fracture and durable. Moreover they come in a range of 4 colors which are designed to match gum tissue. Flexi dentures are especially indicated when a fixed solution is not possible and also as an alternative for people allergic to acrylic.

BPS Dentures

We are a BPS certified lab and have been fabricating premium quality precision dentures for years. BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic Systems) essentially comprises of an injection molding technique and use of high-quality BPS core products to fabricate BPS brand dentures. A genuine BPS denture will have a BPS logo incorporated in it.



Biofunctional Prosthetic System dentures Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein



Titanium framework with acrylic wrap around teeth Nobel Procera, Sweden

Implant Prosthesis

FMS’s Dental Lab began its foray into implant prosthetics with Procera forte in 2006 with single implant abutments  and Procera implant bridges . With the addition of other CAD systems over the years like Procera 2G and Sirona inLAB MCXL, V Dentarts expertise grew further into customized solutions. Prostheses planning and solutions were made easier with the Iso A1 Goldline ( Artiglio, Italy)– a precision dental milling machine enabling the lab to design multiple and complicated implant prostheses.


The lab specializes in fixed hybrid dentures with titanium frameworks where the framework is scanned using the Procera 2G scanner (Nobel Biocare).This framework is wrapped around in high quality acrylic, which gives an absolute natural look and feel . This permanent functional prosthesis with unsurpassed esthetics, gives patients a dramatic quality of life.



Titanium framework with Zirconium crowns Nobel Procera, Sweden

We also offer high-end Implant prosthetic solutions like the Malo Bridge –constructed using the latest in CAD-CAM technology. It has a Titanium / Zirconia substructure with a choice of PFM or Zirconia crowns. It offers ultimate esthetics, strength and a smile that will last a lifetime !!!