Dental cavities are formed because of dental caries, abrasions or erosions.

Even though there is a genetic predisposition; dental caries is mainly because of food habits. Sugars in your diet play a primary role in causing dental caries. Microorganisms accumulate on the tooth surface which leads to decay.

Dental Caries if neglected, it progresses further, to totally destroy the crown portion of the tooth. As it progresses further deep to the pulp, it causes pain and infection.

Effects of caries:

 Dental cavities in enamel causes no pain, when the caries in dentin cause sensitivity to hot and cold beverages. When cavity extends into pulp (nerve) of the tooth, pain and swelling appears.

The cavities in enamel and dentin can be restored back to normal by various filling materials. The materials used normally are composites, glass ionomers, silver amalgam, gold inlays and ceramic inlays.

There are various treatment options depending on the severity of the dental caries, like



Dental cavities

In enamel causes no pain

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