What is a crooked teeth?

A great smile does wonders for your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Crooked, protruding, uneven teeth or gaps between teeth may be a source of embarrassment. From a functional point of view, it is difficult to maintain the oral hygiene of crooked teeth because they are harder to clean and floss.

Orthodontic treatment methods to straighten your teeth include fixed and removable braces. Fixed braces can be metal braces, ceramic braces or self-ligating braces. Removable aligners such as Invisalign are transparent and can be removed easily for eating and when brushing your teeth.

crooked teeth treatments

crooked teeth

Orthodontic treatment methods to straighten your teeth

There are also other treatments like veneers and crowns that may be recommended to you by our dental specialists to improve the appearance of your teeth. Veneers are thin shells custom-made to modify the color or position of your teeth. Crowns are restorations that completely cover or cap your teeth, and can strengthen teeth that are weakened or be used to change the color or alignment of teeth. Depending on your clinical situation, we will be able to customize a solution to suit your needs.

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