Chipped Teeth

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The chipped teeth are mostly because of trauma. It can cause sensitivity as well as esthetic concern.

Chipped tooth treatment

It can be treated by,


It is the cosmetic procedure to reshape, rebuild and recontour the tooth structure. Advantages of Enameloplasty are, the procedure is less expensive than veneers and crowns. It is painless and a one visit procedure. Most portion of the natural tooth is retained and hence is a conservative approach.


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Composites are tooth colored materials which build the tooth to its normal shape and size. Composites are cheaper and provide an aesthetic appearance.

Ceramics or Tooth Colored Porcelain

These are also called full-porcelain restorations; they are particularly desirable because their color and translucency mimic natural tooth enamel. Due to the nature of the color, the result is highly esthetic. Ceramics are also more resistant to staining.

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Laminates are custom made thin porcelain shells which cover the frontal surfaces of the chipped tooth.


Crowns are the structures placed over the chipped tooth to give an esthetic appearance. There are various crowns based on the material used for the preparation. Zirconium crowns resemble natural tooth.

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