1. Dental Laboratory Technicians – Career Advantages

Dental laboratory technology is a flexible career offering several opportunities for advancement. With growing population, there will be a continued demand for DT. Experienced Dental laboratory technicians can find well-paid positions in commercial laboratories based on their technical or communication skills, become department heads in larger laboratories where they would have supervisory responsibilities, or potentially own their own laboratory. Dental laboratory technicians also may teach dental technology courses in educational programs and apply their knowledge to research, sales and/or marketing of prosthetic materials, instruments and equipment.

2. Opportunities

Career Opportunities Dental Laboratory Technician – With advancements in technology and materials, there is an increased demand for restorative and cosmetic dentistry. As a result, there currently is a great demand for dental laboratory technicians. Employment opportunities will be excellent well into the next coming years.
Most dental laboratory technicians work in commercial dental laboratories employing from 2 to 200 to 2000 people. The average laboratory employs about five to ten technicians who may provide a full range of dental prosthetic services or specialize in producing one particular type of prosthesis (e.g., removable partial dentures, crown and bridge, etc).
Additionally, some opportunities are available in private dental offices for technicians who like close one-on-one contact with a dentist and patients. Employment opportunities also may be available in other Dental colleges throughout India, hospitals, other Govt facilities & Hospitals and companies that manufacture dental prosthetic materials. Dental laboratory technology education programs offer some teaching positions for experienced technicians.

3. Earning Potential

The salary of a dental laboratory technician depends primarily upon the skills demonstrated and responsibilities associated with the specific. Dental technicians can earn salaries equal to personnel in other health care occupations with similar training and experience. Experienced technicians can realize significant satisfaction and rewards in commercial laboratories or may choose to be self-employed, opening their own dental laboratories for greater independence.
A career as a dental laboratory technician offers a wide range of challenges…Since each dental patient’s specific needs are different, the duties of a dental technician are comprehensive and varied. Technicians work with a variety of materials, as well as sophisticated instruments and equipment, to create dental prostheses — replacements for damaged or missing tooth structure.

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