Be it a wedding ceremony,
an interview or audition,
a smile can make you stand out.



Once the hallmark of the stars, the rich, and the famous, Cosmetic Dentistry is now easily accessible to each one of us.

Today’s cosmetic dentistry is a blessing for everyone which makes their smile more attractive. Many of us have got a beautiful smile, and well aligned teeth. Even these beautiful smiles can be enhanced still further to stand ahead of others. The dazzling and perfect smile can be achieved by reshaping of teeth contour, teeth whitening and by just adding tooth jewelry.

Small reshaping/contouring of teeth to match your face and lips can make drastic difference to your smile. If you have very slight uneven teeth you can get the teeth reshaping done which enhances the smile curve which will make you look more beautiful and attractive.

Redefine your smile

Re-define your smile

jewel adds to your dazzling smile


Many of us have got teeth which are little darker/yellowish, the color of which can be enhanced to a white/bright white in just an hour by a simple procedure like bleaching. Professional bleaching is much controllable and long lasting than the home bleach. Your dentist is the right person to decide which type of bleach suits your condition.

Even to make your smile sparkle in photography and lights, small jewelry can be added in the tooth which exactly matches your smile. For tooth jewelry you have different options like white zircon, colored zircon, gold and silver jewelry in different shapes. The greatest advantage of this is the jewelry can be placed without damaging the tooth below and can be done in just 20 mins. When you smile this jewel adds to your dazzling smile and makes it more attractive.

For the Brides, a beautiful smile carries more value than her make-ups and designer clothing. A beautiful healthy smile will make the photos of your special day a priceless memory that you will keep with pride forever. Add beauty to your face with the bridal smile makeover from FMS DENTAL. Your smile can be enhanced skillfully by our  Cosmetic Dentist. Get ready for the bridal smile makeover at FMS DENTAL HOSPITALS, Hyderabad, India.

Smile enhancement is a boon for models, upcoming actors, page 3 celebrities, and also the youngsters who want to flaunt a gorgeous smile. New dental spas/ clinics have come up which offer all these procedures with newer technologies and well trained dentists. Now, a gorgeous smile is not a dream anymore, as the cosmetic dentistry is more attainable and affordable to each and every one.

So, walk into the Face Makeover and Smile Clinicsa speciality practice for Digital Smile Design and pamper yourselves with a plethora of dental procedures, that can Gift you an FMS DESIGNER SMILE


A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks

Face Makeover

Face Makeover