Cosmetic Smile makeover

Cosmetic Smile makeover

COSMETIC SMILE MAKEOVER They say a smile is the best accessory one can wear; especially, on important days in one’s life. Be it a wedding ceremony, an interview or audition, a smile can make you stand out. Once the hallmark of the stars, the rich, and the famous, Cosmetic Dentistry is now easily accessible to each one […]

Should I Go For A Smile Design?


SHOULD I GO FOR A SMILE DESIGN? A SMILE SAYS IT ALL!’ Isn’t that really true? Your smile has the power to convey countless emotions in a blink of the eye! Have you come across those moments when you want to smile but you hold back yourself because you feel that your smile is not […]



HOLLYWOOD SMILE NEW YEAR 2019 SPECIAL: TIME TO SPRUCE UP YOUR SMILE IN HOLLYWOOD STYLE A popular quote says- “If you want to have the best YEAR ever, you have to first plan to have the best MONTH ever the year before.” The New Year is round the corner…. So, how about transforming your smile to the […]