The Zygoma implant


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Space maintainers are intra oral appliances (spacers) which prevent teeth from tipping and moving into an extraction area. Space maintainers work by keeping the space open so that adult replacement teeth will be able to erupt into the mouth in the correct location.

Children often need space maintainers after they have had a primary (baby) tooth extracted. A space maintainer can be either be cemented to one or more remaining teeth or it can be removable appliance. The space maintainer will need to stay in place until the succedaneous (adult replacement) tooth erupts into the extraction area. Space maintainer need to be checked by a dentist twice a year and adjusted if necessary.

After the extraction of primary posterior tooth, the adjacent teeth will often move into the extraction space. This unwanted movement of adjacent teeth leads to a loss of space- space that will needed in the future by the succedaneous (adult) teeth.

If extraction space is allowed to close up, the future adult tooth will not able to erupt (grow) into mouth correctly. If teeth are allowed to tip into an extraction area, the unerupted future adult tooth may end up being impacted (stuck). Space loss often leads to an adult dentition that is crowded and a child with this problem will need orthodontic treatment later on to correct it.


Space maintainer can also be used as preventive orthodontic appliance. In cases involving moderate crowding in the mixed dentition (6-12 yrs), a LLA (Lower Lingual Arch) space maintainer may be used to prevent unwanted shifting of permanent lower molars.

preventive04An LLA space maintainer in place.