At FMS KIDS dental, we emphasize particularly on the concept of Dental Home. This means that we at FMS KIDS provide comprehensive, continuous, accessible, family-centered, compassionate and culturally-effective care for your children. This basically means that we strive to maintain an on-going positive relationship between the Pediatric Dentist, the Childe and the Parent through the child's infancy, childhood and the stage of adolescence.


We follow evidence based oral health care including acute dental care and also give equal importance on the preventive services toward your child. Our goal is to attend  comprehensive assessment for all oral diseases and services.

We provide treatment plans in terms of Preventive dental health program based on caries (dental decay) risk assessment and also the Periodontal (gums) disease risk assessment specific to each child. This plan will also include the management of acute and/or chronic pain and infections, swellings and other oral health related problems that need treatment immediately or in the near future. the continuous management and necessary long term follow-ups will also be closely monitored.

Immediate and chronic management of Dental and Orofacial Trauma ( any kind of injuries such as fall, accidents, knocked out tooth, lip injuries, soft tissue lacerations etc) are all properly managed by us at FMS KIDS dental by following the International Association Dental Traumatology guidelines.

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Also stress on the importance of providing Anticipatory Guidance. This enables us to regularly follow up with the child and do the necessary examination along with the recommended investigations such as dental X-Rays and provide you with the information regarding what changes you as a parent could expect to see according to the age of the child and also provide you with the age appropriate instructions and also educate you regarding what treatments your child might likely be needing in the future. Our main focus on Anticipatory Guidance is because this allows us to anticipate the problems that  might arise at a later age in your child and helps to prevent and/or intercept it as early as possible thus preventing any long and cumbersome treatments in the future. 

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During establishing Dental Home constant and continuous efforts are made by us at FMS KIDS to provide information about proper care of the child’s teeth, gums, and other oral structures.  We also provide age appropriate Diet counseling and educate regarding the importance of nutrition for the child.

The treatments we provide at FMS KIDS are always age-appropriate and age-specific as we always take utmost care and always keep the comfort of the child and the parents first.