All-On-4 Dental Implant – Evolution

1993 : All-on-4™ standard protocol pilot study

1998 : All-on-4™ mandible retrospective study

1998 : NobelSpeedy™ implant development

1999 : Malo Clinic Ceramic Bridge clinical studies- initial phase

2001 : All-on-4™ maxilla retrospective study

2002 : NobelSpeedy™ implant clinical studies – initial phase

2003: All-on-4™ mandible retrospective study publication

2004: Technical viability study of zygomatic and pterygoid anchorage

2005 : NobelGuide™ adaptation to the concept

2005 : All-on-4™ maxilla retrospective study publication

2005 : Study of the hybrid and extra-maxilla, with zygomatic and pterygoid anchorage – Initial phase.

2006 : Study of the All-on-4™ extra-maxilla new design order to use it with NobelGuide™

2007 : Study of the technique with zygomatic and pterygoid anchorage accepted for publication

2008 : All-on-4™ with extramaxillary anchorage: study publication

2011 : Study of the 10 years follow-up the All-on-4™ technique in the mandible

All-On-4 Dental Implant – Scientific Evidence


16 centers /  524  patients / 2148 implants / 1 – 5 years  follow up


Brånemark System TiUnite implants, NobelSpeedy Groovy and Brånemark System MK III Groovy implants


CSR (Cumulative survival rate) short term2,6,7,10      (1 year)  97.6% – 100%

CSR  mid-term7,8                  ( 3-4 years ) 96,9% – 100%

CSR mid-term8,9                  ( 4 –5 years) 99.73% – 98.36%

High CSR in both fully edentulous mandible and maxilla1-10, also with NobelGuide

Favorable marginal bone levels 2, 7,9 and soft tissue parameters 3, 6,8

Evidence-based, predictable , cost-effective, graftless solution for full arch rehabilitations

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All-On-4 Dental Implant – Scientific Documentation

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