cosmetic periodontics

Your gums define your teeth

Healthy and esthetic gums forms the foundation for your perfect smile. Often, as an aftermath of gum disease, due to developmental issues, trauma or a multitude of other factors, unesthetic gum display becomes the patient’s major cause of concern.

Poor gum esthetics can compromise your facial esthetics and that is where periodontal cosmetic procedures have become an integral part of the solution for many esthetic problems.

In fact, these cosmetic procedures can be part of a multidisciplinary approach involving your periodontist, orthodontist and prosthodontist to give you that perfect makeover.

cosmetic procedures

Correction of gum hyperpigmentation

Darker colour of the gums can impair the harmony of your smile and lower your confidence. Causes for hyperpigmentation can vary from physiologic to pathologic ones. Whenever, indicated by the patient’s needs, a surgical correction of hyperpigmentation can be carried out by techniques termed as “Gum depigmentation procedures”. These are generally non invasive, non complicated and come along with speedy recoveries. A variety of techniques are available for the same such as scalpel, laser, abrasion, electrosurgery and many more to restore your smile to its pristine glory. (click here to know more)
dark gums
Too much gum

Correction of gummy smile and uneven gum contour

Excessive gum display when one smiles with teeth appearing short and more sqaure is known as gummy smile. Narrowing down the exact etiology will require co-ordinated involvement of orthodontist and periodontist in order to narrow down to the most suitable treatment. When appropriate, your periodontist can adopt surgical techniques to increase tooth visibility, restore symmetry in gums and remodel facial esthetics. These procedures are termed as “esthetic crown lengthening”. (click here to know more)

Correction of longer teeth with exposed root surfaces

gums & sensitive teeth
Due to gum disease, gum line recedes reducing the amount of firm gum tissue to protect the deeper tissues and exposing more teeth, This compounds to
  • unappealing appearance of longer teeth.
  • reduced thickness of gums
  • increased teeth sensitivity
  • increases root decay
This can be corrected with gum augmentation procedures to restore gum height, contour or thickness around teeth. A myriad of techniques are available at our disposal amenable to modification as per individual patient’s needs. (click here to know more)
black spaces between teeth
Interdental papillae constitute the gum tissues present in the embrasures between two teeth. Loss of papillae creates open embrasures and black triangles which do not go unnoticed, making your smile less charming. Correction of these black triangles involves a integrative approach with periodontist, orthodontist and prosthodontist. Combined therapies with two or more specialties may be required to solve this problem and your periodontist will become relevant here for correction via “papilla reconstuction surgeries” (click here to know more)

Correction of black triangles between teeth

flawless smile

In the hands of trained and experienced periodontists at FMS Dental Hospitals, you can be sure to achieve results to your utmost satisfaction.

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