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Home Bleaching

Tooth Whitening can be done at home as well. This can be done in comfort whilst watching television or reading a book and is highly convenient.
For the home whitening, special bleaching trays are made by the dentist to fit the exact contours of an individual’s teeth and gums. A bleaching gel which can be bought over the counter is squeezed into these trays and then placed in the mouth for a specified period.

Instructions :
  • Brush and floss teeth thoroughly prior to placing the tray in your mouth.
  • Place small drop of gel in tray at each tooth site where whitening is desired.
  • Seat tray completely and firmly onto teeth.
  • Wipe off excess gel with toothbrush or clean finger.
  • Trays are to be worn overnight.
  • When trays are removed, rinse with cool water and remove residual material and store in case. Keep your trays out of the sunlight and heat. Excessive heat can melt the trays. Do not store them in your car during the warm summer months.
  • Brush and rinse remaining gel from teeth after Bleaching.
  • Remove tray prior to eating.
  • You will have enough material to bleach both upper and lower teeth for 1-2 weeks.

*Home bleaching is a slow process and visible results may be seen only after a period of 3 – 4 weeks. The degree of whitening may be less as in comparison to office whitening systems.

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