Bajaj EMI Finance

FMS - an everlasting commitment to a healthy smile.

Bajaj Finserv is a leading financial services company in India with its interests focused in lending money, assets and wealth management.

Bajaj FinServ is partnering with FMS Dental Hospitals to help patients in handling the dental treatment costs.

Bajaj FinServ is offering easy EMIs with instant & spot-on approvals for amounts up to Rs. 3 Lakhs (Rs. 3 Hundred Thousands) or more if necessary. Interestingly, the EMIs are INTEREST FREE (0% Interest).

Minimal documentation is required for approval of your loan.

The documents required for your loan processing are:

  • Identification (ID) proof
  • address proof
  • void (cancelled) cheque.
  • Credit Card (optional)

There is also ‘part pre-payment facility’ with this plan. This facility includes paying 20 – 33 % of the total cost of the treatment by the patient, initially at the start of the treatment, that covers payment for first 2 months. The remaining amount is divided in to 10 – 16 equal parts for the EMIs, to be paid for 12 – 18 months plans respectively.