All-On-4 Plus

Every treatment is planned on an individual basis. Certain patients may need additional implants or procedures for appropriate long term support. Whether it’s with four or more implants, the All-On-4 ‘Plus’ is our outcome based treatment planning philosophy where we focus on achieving predictable results with optimal function and aesthetics.
All-on-4 Plus in implant dentistry refers to the All-on-4 protocol plus an additional 1 or sometimes 2 implants for extra support for the implant supported fixed teeth when needed.

OPG X-ray shows two angulated implants at the back. These angled implants are key to immediate loading of the fixed teeth. There are 3 implants in between the 2 angled implants, this is referred to as All-on-4 Plus, or sometimes simply All-on-5 (all teeth on 5 dental implants). All on 4plus philosophy thereby reassures the long term support combined with esthetics.


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