It’s a well-known fact that dentistry can reach the pinnacle of perfection only through the exuberant teamwork of expert dentists and dental technicians along with a well-equipped dental laboratory. You might not be aware that only few dental clinics have their own in-house CAD CAM Dental Lab. In-house CAD CAM Dental Lab is a boon to any dental practice. FMS DENTAL hosts an in-house CAD CAM dental lab with senior Prosthodontists and technicians. 

Best CAD CAM Dental lab FMS Dental India

In most of the cases, dentists get their lab-work done by outsourcing it to the neighboring dental labs. FMS Dental Hospitals takes pride in being one among the very few dental centers in the country to have an in-house CAD CAM Dental Lab with some of the world’s best CAD-CAM systems  and 3D printers brought in use.

So what’s the big deal about having an in-house dental lab?

Best CAD CAM Dental lab FMS Dental

Suppose you wish to purchase an exquisite garment for yourself. There is always an option of a readymade store or a mall where you can search for the dress of your choice. Another option is to visit an expert tailor, who just like a talented craftsman, will prepare the dress that suits your taste and fits you snugly. Apart from that, this tailor will ensure that every detail mentioned by you (like the color and type of material) is incorporated in the design. Moreover, he will be happy to work on modifications, if any, from your end so that you receive the garment with exclusive customization. So now, which option would you go for?

Let’s think about the above mentioned example in the perspective of a dental clinic/hospital. For any prosthesis to be long-lasting and precise, it should be fabricated with the scope of zero error and should provide a choice of individual customizations.


Best-CAD-CAM-Dental-lab-FMS-Dental-Hospital-India Best-CAD-CAM-lab-FMS-DENTAL

You can experience a myriad of benefits of FMS in-house dental lab. Few of them are listed below-

  1. Quality Check – You can rest assured that there will be no compromise when it comes to the quality of the prosthesis. FMS always strives to keep up high standards of ethics and quality maintenance to deliver lifelike aesthtetic prosthesis that have better longevity.
  1. Strong Doctor-Lab Communication– When the lab is headed and run by expert dentists along with a dedicated team of dental technicians there is no stone left unturned in delivering the best prosthetic solutions. The seamless doctor-lab communication helps to add to each case extensive experience and consummate artistry to make it better. Besides, if any issues with the restoration/prosthesis become apparent, doctors can correct the fit or appearance accordingly almost within minimal time periods.
  1. Cutting-edge CAD-CAM technology and 3D Printing– Advanced CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided milling) technology has made it possible to fabricate any dental prosthesis with utmost precision. Starting with highly detailed 3-D images of your entire mouth through digital scanners to designing of the most customized restorations, CADCAM technology has made everything possible.
  1. Minimal Waiting Period– We respect and value your time. With the help of our in-house dental lab we have been able to introduce challenging concepts like Tooth-In-a-Day which has been appreciated immensely especially by our international clients. 
  1. Smile Makeovers– With the help of FMS Dental lab, it is now simpler to meticulously recreate the prosthesis (like porcelain laminates) with complete resemblance to the 3D models planned through Digital Smile Designing.
  1. High-end Implant Prosthetic solutions– FMS dental lab offers unique and top-notch post-implant prosthesis like the Malo Bridge which is fabricated through innovative CAD-CAM technology. It consists of a strong Titanium framework to which Zirconium crowns are attached.

Why should you think of settling for “good enough” when you can have the “Best”!

FMS dental lab makes it possible to create even complex dental reconstructions with great skill and integrity. We surpass the ordinary by accomplishing difficult smile makeovers as we find gratification in creating mouths that function with good health, harmony and beauty.


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