Medical emergency can occur to anyone at any time. To report for a medical emergency we have hospitals open 24 hours. But when it comes to dental emergency, people find it difficult to locate the dentist especially during nights.

Dental emergencies aren’t like any other types of emergencies because they require special attention and treatment by a professional.

To manage this emergency is the most important factor. First and foremost is to visit your dentist ASAP. When you face difficulty in finding a dentist or to manage things till you meet your dentist, certain things need to be taken care of. We will throw light on a few of them.


There are lots of reasons for toothache, but when you have a toothache you should know what to be done. Reach your dentist as soon as possible, as he will diagnose and treat your problem. In case you cannot reach your dentist, just try and rinse your mouth warm water and upon advice by your dentist take necessary medication. Do not eat anything on the side you have pain. Avoid taking any hot foods/beverages.

Chipped Tooth

Tooth might get chipped off or fractured, whenever you fall, or while you use your teeth as tools to open up a bottle or bite your nails etc. When it happens, before visiting a dentist, rinse your mouth so that you can remove any tooth pieces left in mouth. If there is any bleeding from gums or tooth, place some clean gauze on the injured area and apply pressure. 

Knocked Out Tooth

This is the probably the scariest dental emergencies for the patient. Whenever it happens, stay calm and follow the below steps.

  1. First, Check for any other serious injuries
  2. If possible keep that knocked out tooth with you
  3. Do not touch the roots of tooth , do not rub to clean it
  4. You can clean it by rinsing it with water, but do not rub
  5. If you can, try to keep the tooth back into its socket
  6. If you are not able to keep it into the socket, you place it in a glass with cold milk or a your spit (saliva)
  7. Visit the dentist ASAP, as the outcome of the treatment is affected by the time gap

Injury to Jaw

If you suspect any injury to your jaw due to a fall or accident, apply cold compress to that area and immediately visit your dentist. Avoid jaw movements. If you have locked jaw or dislocated jaw, then you need professional help.

Lip biting or tongue biting with excessive bleeding

If you bite your lip or tongue accidentally and you notice profuse bleeding from that area, don’t panic, stay calm. Clean that area with clean gauze, hold it in place with slight pressure and apply cold compress to reduce the swelling. If you feel bleeding is extensive, visit your dentist immediately.

Always remember, it is best to visit your dentist ASAP for any emergency. Please do not try to treat yourself at home. This may worsen your tooth condition.


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